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so keith was in a video with shiro captioned ' Fans asks Questions!! ' where Keith got to ask questions to his hero directly, and ask any questions given by the fans on Twitter. Honestly Keith was very happy with how things went, shiro even let him edit with him. And Keith didn't know - how when he tied his ridiculous mullet back to edit, shiro had tilted his head in a slight sense of adoration.

And, as time progressed Keith became more involved with his idol. Their video did quite well, but Keith was only in two more during the whole ten months of him slowly working with Shiro on his videos. It was around then, that Keith now being 21, he was getting ready to do more with his life- perhaps move some place new and not sit with Lance eating pizza before he sat in his room to Skype Shiro most of the night.

On a normal afternoon, Keith being at Shiros place again. Keith let out a large sigh and as his head tilted back Shiro naturally laced his fingers in the black mass of his hair. It had taken two or three months for Keith to be comfortable with Shiro, but honestly they had become quite close- and it was all comforting for Keith, looking at Shiro as a friend more than an idol -that he still loved to fucken high heaven. "what's up mutton chops?" Shiro asked, which resulted in Shiro laughing a little and Keith sitting up and batting his hand away.

"I'm looking for a new place , I just can't afford shit," he exhaled lightly and Shiro just shrugged in return.

"By the way I'm moving out, should've said really," Shiro smiled sheepishly, he wasn't the best at remembering. Keith turned the desk chair around and looked at Shiro for him to continue "Allura helped me pick out a place.. I'm glad you mentioned moving actually- it's got a room I won't use - it would be handy if my editor lived with me" Shiro smiled gently and Keith felt a blush rise in his cheeks at the idea.

"Sure. It's easier than getting a Skype call at 4am." Keith teased and sat round to look at editing the video, his heart probably beating a little too fast for his own liking. "Hey Shiro?"


"I can put all my posters up right?" He asked and smiled a little wider, he'd get to live with fucking Shiman

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