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Hours later and Keith was in his bedroom, trying to get some ideas from his mind of what his next project could be. But he was constantly anxious. His Skype had been open from the moment he got home. He'd tweeted " I think I'm dying this has been the best day" and THE Shiman liked it, which made Keith melt a little more. Okay.

So perhaps Keith loved the Shiro he saw on YouTube and not the actual person, and the feelings he feel are just infactuation and would go eventually. Yet everyone thought he'd stop liking
Youtube eventually and it never happened. And he knew that this love kinda feeling only started two years ago. Keith let out a long groan, looking up at the ceiling before hearing a notification on his tablet

He sat up immediately, and picked it up.
" someone wants to add you as a friend," This was it, surely this would be shirogane right there to speak to. Keith took a breath and opened the app, to find he was added by "coolzt". Keith titled his head and groaned, perhaps Lance caught wind of his Skype and decided to mess with him. No message came with the request so Keith accepted and started a call with the idiot. He perched the tablet on his desk and sat back looking at his paper. Once he heard the call go through he sighed,

"Lance why you hurt my heart like that?" He asked and the person on the other end hummed in light confusion.

"Did you mean to call someone else?" Shiro replied and Keith's eyes widened, and his cheeks reddened. He shook his head before hiding his face in his hand.

"Shit," he murmured and looked up at his screen, it felt like a video, a personalised one. But Shiro was smiling at the other end waving gently. Keith felt his heart in his throat and let out a somewhat whimper.

"Are you alright Keith?" His idol asked tilting his head and Keith let out a soft squeak before nodding. He put a finger up to signal "one moment " or rather "I'm going to combust give me time to cool." Shiro nodded and waited, watching something to the side of his webcam, biting his finger a little.

It took a few moments for Keith to come back, with a drink of water. He sat down and looked at Shiro "is it really you?" He asked. Shiro had looked up at Keith as he heard him sit, a soft chuckle passed his lips.

"Yes of course." He shrugged lightly and tilted his head gently "Why wouldn't it be?" He chuckled lightly.

"It could be a really good cosplayer," Keith counters and Shiro smiled with a 'touché' Keith then cleared his throat and picked up his tablet to study Shiro closer, biting his lip gently.

"How are you keithinator?" Shiro asked with a gentle laugh, Keith placed his screen back down and shrugged a little

"I can't believe you're here, making casual conversation with me, ME, you're my hero- I- I mean" Keith blushed and cleared his throat "you probably hear that- a lot. But like you're my actual hero-" on so many levels "and this is really, really big to me" he says gently trying to calm himself down. Shiro let out a gentle chuckle and nodded.

"I can tell, I'm glad I could make you this happy " Keith felt himself melt slightly, "do you perhaps want to meet up? I have to go out right now and it'd be nice to know you keithinator" shiro asked this with the kindest smile and keith nodded eagerly,

"Sure sure, can you meet me at the largest bean, you know the coffee shop?" He asked, he spoke quickly and excitedly. Shiro nodded "I'll be free at one," Keith added and Shiro nodded again.

"Of course, I'll make note of that," Shiro gave a warm smile and waved slightly "I'll see you tomorrow Keith," Keith stuttered a reply before the call hung up and he was left reeling in the fact he's going to have coffee with his idol.

And so, the next day Keith was working. He manned the till at the coffee shop, shouting orders back to Coran. And at One he had his break. Shiro walked in just as Keith was getting his apron off about to take his hair out.

"Ah, greetings Shiro!" Coran waved and Keith looked up, a blush on his face immediately- may as well leave his hair up. Shiro greeted Coran in return and Keith looked between them- how had Coran not mentioned he knew the shiman? "Ah. He knows my niece, Allura," Coran smiled at Keith and Keith blinked hard, so not only did Coran know how to make the perfect muffins, he knew both Allura and Shiro, and was related to one of them.

"fuck me," Keith muttered wide eyed, before going on his break and sitting at a table with a drink and Shiro across from him. He sipped his drink before clearing his throat.

"I like your hair," Shiro mused gently with a light grin, and Keith blushed gently, rolling his eyes half heartedly. Keith talked to shiro for the whole of his break, about how he'd never seen him in the cafe before, and Shiro explained he'd come in after hours and was usually too busy. Shiro asked how long Keith had worked here and Keith explained, telling the story of how he found Coran and the largest bean.

Keith and Shiro then discussed coffee, and Corans amazing muffins. "So you know Allura?" Keith asked and Shiro nodded with a light chuckle,

"Why? Have a crush on her?" Shiro asked teasingly. Not by a long shot was Keith's crush on that YouTuber. Keith shook his head and sighed

"My friend Lance on the other hand, doesn't watch her but thinks she's hot," he muses gently and Keith shrugged "I don't watch her videos because they're beauty, I prefer your videos,"

At that comment Keith noticed a blush on Shiros cheeks as he shrugged coolly "well why don't you feature on my videos?"

Keith just smiled widely and nodded "I mean- yeah of course yes," he chuckled lightly , Coran heard the foreign
noise from behind the counter- Keith's laughter was very rarely heard.

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