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They eventually moved into Shiros new apartment on their thirteenth month of knowing eachother- that was after Christmas which was pretty fun. Keith had three of them, with his father, his friends and Shiro all separately. Keith unpacked the bare amount of things he had in his room. Their rooms were next door to eachother with a recording and editing room next to Shiros. They had a bathroom and a lounge and kitchen. It didn't feel as big as it was, it felt homey to Keith.

Shiro decided to do an apartment tour video, about a week into them moving in. Keith could hear him and only pray he didn't come into his room.

"Welcome to the new place... this is our snazzy bathroom , the glorious kitchen and the chilled out lounge.. with my roommates mug on the table *sigh* yes, I do have a room mate." Keith found it funny sometimes to listen to Shiro honestly. "This is my bedroooom, and here- is my room mate." Keith gave the camera a dead look to which Shiro chuckled, "oh cmon Keithinator, smile,"

Keith smiled sarcastically and looked away "Shiro don't," he tried not to laugh as Shiro neared him singing the jaws theme like a looser. "Shiro I swear-" Keith looked at him and he just smiled widely and sat beside Keith, close as they usually were, the mere brush of their hands setting Keith a light a little, he wanted to hold it.

"See you guys soon, hope you liked having a snoop around. Have a good day," Shiro signed off his video turning off the camera to place it on the floor and turn to Keith "why so grumpy?" He asked with a playful pout to which Keith rolled his eyes playfully, patting his cheek.

"Go order us dinner please sir," Keith smiled lightly and Shiro sighed lightly, getting up and rubbing Keith's shoulder lightly before heading to their kitchen. They were close then, Keith could feel his heart needing to slow. Keith still loved shiro, and yet he'd been able to keep that feeling quiet between them- he didn't want it to be awkward. He took Shiros camera and walked through the doors to start editing the video, as that's why he was here right? As Shiros editor.

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