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"Keith... it's 3am," Pidge muttered and Keith chuckled slightly, he hadn't realised the time at all.

"You're still awake," Keith countered quietly before clearing his throat, before pidge could utter a sentence "he kissed me,"

"What?" Keith could hear the shift in Pidges chair from the other end of the phone "really? H-how?"

"I accidentally fell asleep on him during a movie.. and kinda woke up admitted to it being a fantasy of mine... and he kissed me...but Pidge god.." Keith ran his hands down his face and let out a pained whimper "he's such a good kisser," Keith heard Pidge hum for him to continue "it was like I was going to faint. Honestly and how- he held me? Good god I could've melted." Keith then heard a knock at the door and sat up.
"What's up?" He called to shiro, who opened the door with a warm smile.

"Can we talk? Without Pidge listening? I hope you're doing well by the way." He directed the last to the phone which Pidge replied 'thanks okay gotta go bye,' Keith then put his phone on charge and sighed quietly. Shiro sat on his bed and the weight made Keith dip a little with a sorta smile. "Should I- be saying sorry for what happened or?"

Keith shook his head "god no it's okay, good fine," he shrugged and smiled rubbing his neck. He felt unaware, uneven here. He hadn't ever thought of Shiro being remotely interested, ever. (Okay THAT WAS A LIE, but it didn't matter).

"Good... because I'm not," he shrugged lightly and smiled. Keith blinked at shiro and shiro just smiled warmly "I can be happy right? Are you happy? Honestly?"

"Yes... yes I am very happy with you," Keith nodded and felt himself blush again, and his heart thud again.

"Specifically me?" Shiro asked and tilted his head slightly, inclining a little for Keith to nod and accept him, accept them. Keith once again felt like he could melt, Shiros hands over him to hold him safely with no ill intentions. Keith just held the back of his head or his jaw, just taking in the fact they were actually kissing. And the kiss itself? Keith could think of nothing else, the softness, the care taken in each kiss shared. Keith didn't notice how they had both fallen, fallen back to lay on his pillows and hold eachother. Keith was the first to pull back, placing a hand on Shiros chest with a clear need for air.

"I'm going to faint," Keith whispered quietly but only as caution to himself. Shiro placed a kiss to his forehead for assurance.

"It's kinda weird making out with a best friend, it's good though- with you," shiro nodded gently. Over their time they new so much about eachother and had grown so close. This was a good close for Keith. "I can leave if you wish?" He shrugged gently but Keith just shook his head,

"No.. no I just- need the stability," he mumbled quietly letting himself rest his head on Shiros shoulder, his face in his neck just to grasp the situation and calm down, eventually calming himself into a sleep. Shiro just let it happen, which Keith didn't find out till the morning. When he woke up and shiro was quite limp sleeping beside him, his arms now just lulling beside his body. Keith couldn't help but laugh at Shiro, who lifted a little as he woke.

"What's funny?" He mumbled rubbing his face and rolling on his back, giving Keith space. Keith shrugged and rolled up onto his elbow

"your snoring is really loud up close," Keith grinned slightly and moved to stand up, and just let things be normal?

"Wait Keith," shiro sat up a little too fast for a man just awake. "Take it slow? " he asked and shrugged lightly "because.. I don't know ...what or why or whatever but...I- liked it?" He shrugged and smiled sheepishly. Of course Keith nodded and smiled gently in agreement letting Shiro kiss his hand before he stood.

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