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"c-can I shake your hand?" no one who knew him would've expected 20 year old Keith to act like this. Not Pidge, nor Hunk and certainly not Lance. yet, keith had been reduced to staring and nervousness when faced with his YouTube star, Shiro. shiro, or rather shiman as his fans knew him, was a star in the young people eyes, and Keith had idolised him for years.

Ever since Shiro started posting videos seven years ago, Keith always watched him. Ever since Keith was thirteen Shiro had been his idol and now Shiro stood right in front of him. The idol smiled warmly and with his teeth, his eyes closing and put his hand out "of course, what's your name?" Shiros voice was smoother in real life, Keith realised.

"His names Keith," Pidge so kindly answered as Keith was very much speechless. Shiro looked at Keith and tilted his head as they shook hands.

"Ah, keithinator?" He asked and Keith looked up at the sound of his embarrassing twelve year olds username. He gave a nod and shiros smile grew "I see your user all the time, it's great to actually meet you. You're one of my first subs right?" Keith nodded eagerly, he was overwhelmed with the fact Shiro was also as generous as he seemed in videos. "It's always good to meet you," Shiro nodded and pulled Keith in for a warm hug. Keith hugged his hero back and felt himself start to cry, embarassingly.

"Dude no, stop" Lance groaned and scratched his hair, they'd only come in for a few burgers and fries and bumped into Shiro in the queue. Keith almost had a meltdown when Shiro turned to say sorry let alone when he had a hug. Shiro stepped back and toussled Keith's mullet. He then chuckled lightly and wipes Keith's tears. Keith cleared his throat a little.

"Can he have your Skype?" Pidge asked, speaking for Keith again. They knew this was one of Keith's dreams, to meet Shiro and get some way to contact him. Shiro nodded and tilted his head a little, Pidge handed Shiro their own phone and Shiro typed in his user.

"I'll add you later, is it keithinator on Skype too?" He asked and Keith nodded, eyeing up shiros prosthetic in person, his everything in person. He'd only ever told Pidge about how gay he was for Shiro, the others kinda guessed. A woman with white silver hair walked over with her smile and tanned skin, Alurra, the beauty guru princess of youtube.

"Come on Shiro we'll be late." She says with an enigmatic smile. Shiro nodded and waved goodbye to Keith. Once he'd left Keith swallowed and let out more tears.

"I just touched Takashi Shirogane." He whimpered and rubbed his face before turning to hug Pidge, Pidge friend duties and patting his back.

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