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"You should start your own channel," Keith turned to look at shiro when he suggested such a stupid idea. "You know you aren't that bad of a person," he grinned slightly, they'd lived together for around a month by now, and Keith hadn't been seen on Shiros channel since the "apartment tour!!" Video. Though being an editor of Shiros and still one of his biggest fans he saw the comments, people speculating why Keith had moved in with Shiro. People stating they'd seen he and shiro out at the Largest Bean, which would be obvious as it was still Keith's job there.

"I don't really want to be out there," Keith shrugged lightly and smiled a little "it's good enough to see you there, whenever I need it," he added quietly, blushing slightly when Shiro walked over, closer.

"You're a good man Keith, thank you" shiro nodded with his large hand rubbing Keith's shoulder. "I'm glad I get you all to myself- I've made dinner, come sit with me in the lounge we can watch a film." He shrugged and smiled that warm smile Keith couldn't refuse.

"It better not be one of your shitty comedies," Keith sighed lightly as he got up. During their months of becoming close friends they'd shared many pizza and DVD nights. "And you better not have made the pizza healthy"

"It's just homemade , as usual. Corans recipe," shiro called from their kitchen as Keith sat on the sofa waiting. Keith always ALWAYS got a bubbly feeling when they had a DVD night, it'd become more regular of course, but he always felt something there. This night, there was.

It was the usual, a 'shitty comedy' and Keith cozying up to Shiro as usual- as usual meant sitting pretty close. This night, Keith let his guard down. His legs lay across Shiros- comfortably. And soon enough his head dozed off into Shiros shoulder. The patheticness of the shitty comedies made Keith sleepy. Shiro had wrapped his arm around Keith, quite gladly to keep them both warm and quiet while watching the film.

"Hey... Keith... wake up..." shiro urged quietly, Keith hadn't realised Shiros arm was around his back and his hand holding him up from under his thigh. He groaned lightly and covered his face.

"Tell me I'm dreaming," he mumbled quietly and Shiro just chuckled as usual, nudging Keith's hands away with his nose carefully.

"nineteen year old Keith's fantasy being played out?" Shiro couldn't help but tease and Keith just shrugged tiredly and looked at shiro swallowing lightly "more like twenty one year old Keith," he whispered softly. That was the moment, where Keithinator had his first kiss with Shiman. It felt right, in a way. Shiro had leant forward slowly and initiated the kiss, leaving Keith to catch his breath through Shiro and shape his jaw slowly, bringing them together at the squeeze of Shiros arms. The kiss was like two kisses, a breath inbetween before pulling away with a bittersweet longing. Keith felt his face heat, and his blush rise to his ears.

"I think I should head to bed." Keith whispered quietly, keeping himself quiet "im rather tired," he shrugged lightly while shiro just mumbled and replied "yeah yeah," while releasing his grip. They bid eachother goodnight as a flustered Keith sat in his bedroom, flopping on his bed and ringing up Pidge immediately.

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