Sasuke and Sakura

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"How can someone so weak be so fast!?" Naruto complained, huffing as he tried to keep up with her.

" 'Morning!" April greeted the Hokage and the silver-haired ninja wearing a chūnin/jōnin uniform who was with him as she touched down on the road next to them, taking off like a shot.

'Oh, I can see an afterimage...' Kakashi thought, a little impressed. She wasn't even using any chakra to enhance her movements.

"Hey, wait up!!" Naruto shouted after her, sprinting past them as if he hadn't even noticed their presence. He must have been too focused on catching her.

'That one doesn't seem to be very mindful of his surroundings,' Kakashi noted. The girl with purple hair had this in the bag.

"Hmm. I see those two are just as energetic as always," the Hokage remarked.

"They do this often?" Kakashi asked. Now that he thought of it, he did remember being passed once or twice by those two kids before...

"Almost everyday," the Hokage answered with a smirk as he took a puff on his pipe. They were a bit early today, though. They must be excited about graduating. "Come, our destination is just a little further ahead."

"Hehe," Naruto grinned as he rested his head on the desk in the classroom. April smiled. He was so pumped about their first meeting as genin, that he didn't even care that he had lost the race. They had gotten there a little early, but the class was almost full now. Iruka-sensei should arrive soon to get them started.

"Huh?" Shikamaru said, pausing on  his way to find an empty seat when he spotted Naruto sitting between April and Sasuke. "Why are you here?" he asked him. "Today's explanatory meeting is only for those who graduated."

"Hey, hey, can't you see this forehead protector?" Naruto retorted, pointing his thumb at the one he was wearing.

"Yeah, check it," April said, motioning to it like a professional hand model.

"Starting today I'm also a ninja, believe it," Naruto said proudly.

"Hmm?" Shikamaru said, sounding skeptical.

"You wanna hear the story?" April asked. "Though, I doubt you'll believe it..."

"Huh?" Naruto said, furrowing his brow slightly in confusion as he glanced at her. "Why wouldn't he?"

'Naruto-kun was able to graduate...' Hinata thought happily, blushing shyly as she watched their exchange from across the classroom.

"Hey, will you let me through!?" Sakura asked as she walked up to them with her hands on her hips.

"!" Naruto instantly perked up. 'Sakura-chan~!!' he thought happily, blushing slightly.

"How about a 'please' first?" April deadpanned. She knew Naruto liked Sakura, but April didn't appreciate it when people asked her for favors with such bossy attitudes, especially since Sakura probably just wanted to sit next to Sasuke. Personally, she didn't understand why he was so popular. Sure, he had a nice face, but more than half the time she wanted to put a bag over that personality of his.

"Please?" Sakura said with a tense smile, trying to look cute in front of Sasuke.

"Well, since you asked so nicely..." April said, shrugging, as she stood up and moved out of the way, deciding to let the younger girl through after all.

'Could it be she wants to... sit next to me...?' Naruto thought excitedly, still caught up in his own little dream world.

"Naruto!! Move your ass!!" Sakura snapped impatiently, dropping her cutesy façade when he failed to move out of her way. "I want to sit on the other side of you!!"

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