Meeting Michael

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Can't wait to work with this incredible cast, most of them are my friends this is going to be a good movie and this going to be fun. "What part will you play?"
ask James the driver. I going to play Lauren the uptight, independent, strong woman. "Yeah, whose your love interest ?" the James asked. Now I can't tell you everything but Michael Ealy, no more questions you have to watch the movie. "Okay ma'am any stops before you go on set" says James.
No just take me to the set, I can't be late. "Yes ma'am" says James. Tell when we get there, James okay. "Alright ma'am" says James. A couple minutes later... we are here ma'am said James. Thanks James see you in a couple of hours. "See later ma'am"said James. "Hey Taraji over here" said Kevin. Hey you its good to see you again. "You too girl" says Kevin. Where is everyone? "Everyone is in here" said Kevin. "Taraji!!!" shouts Gabrielle, Regina, Megan. Hey guys it is good to see you haven't seen y'all in a while. "Taraji over here real quick" said the director Tim Story. Hey Tim how are you. "I'm good Taraji this is Micheal Ealy he is going to be your love interest". Hey Michael well it looks like we are going to be together mostly. "Yeah it looks like it" Michael said. Yup I said. "By the way your a very beautiful and talented actress and I'm so happy to be working with you" Michael said. Thanks but your pretty talented yourself and very handsome."Yeah I am but your better and beautiful" said Michael. Well I can you and me we will be working just fine. "Also can I ask you what is off limits in are scenes". You know what just go for it in the most professional way. Okay he said. Alright then see you on set I said. I went to the girls and started talking to them. "So how are you" says Regina. I'm good how are you. "I'm great" says Regina. "So we saw you talking to Michael for a while" Gabrielle says. Yeah we are going to be mostly together so we were talking. "Yeah okay" said Gabrielle. What is it."We over heard Micheal say how beautiful you are"said Megan. So it was a compliment. "You know he is single right" said Gabrielle. Yeah so. "So you and him should date"said Gabrielle. No I do not mix business with pleasure. "So you can change your mind"said Gabrielle. No I will never mix business with pleasure because I am here for a job not a dating site and how come your on me and not Regina who is single. "Excuse me but I have been on dates" said Regina. "You can have him but you choose not to" said Gabrielle. Actual for your information I can have ten men but I am looking the one it is a choice for me to be to be single and I am very happy about where I am. "Okay Taraji but you haven't dated since Common"said Gabrielle. You don't even what I've been doing and I have a son to take care of."Yeah but he is all most grown"said Gabrielle. Ok whatever. "Just think about it"said
Gabrielle. He is handsome and does have gorgeous eyes also his skin color is glorious."Looks like you already been crushing on him" says Regina. No I wasn't I was just describing him. "Mhmm ok girl" says Gabrielle. Y'all need to stop it. "Whatever"says Gabrielle.

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