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When I was waiting for my ride I was thinking about what I need to talk about with Micheal except about the business. Then I heard a knock at the door, i thought it was Michael but I was wrong. "Hey Girl you look cute" said Regina. It was all the girls. Uhhhhhhhhh! Hey what are u guys doing here I have  my date,I mean dinner with Michael I said annoyed. "Oh we know" said Gabrielle. Then what the hell are u guys doing here then I said. "Oh first we want to see if your outfit was alright, it is cut- no it is sexy you want him don't you that why u look so sexy" said Gabrielle who cut off Regina. No i just wanted to put this on because it looks good on me. "Are it not because it looks sexy on you" said Lala. No it is not because it looks sexy on me can y'all just please get out because he can be here any second I said panicking. "Ok we will go until you say you wore that to look sexy for him" said Gaby. I will not because I wanted to look good for myself not for Michael. "LIES!" said Lala. I'm not lying I said to them. " yeah you are" they all said. Ok do u want me to say if I wore this dress to look sexy yes for me!!!"" I said. "Fine we will leave but act like you didn't get sexy for him"said Gaby. As soon as I open the door there he was damn he was soooooo finnnne. "Hey Michael" said all of them. "Hey ladies" he said. Hey Michael come on in these ladies we're just about to leave. "Yeah we were" said Meagan. When they were leaving they were all making hand motion and making these poses. Bye y'all! I said tell them to hurry up. Hold on let me get my purse and I will be ready to leave I told Michael. "Ok" he said. As I went into the room to get my purse I was freaking out he is sooo fine did I say that already because he is. Uhhhhhhh

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