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We left as soon as I was ready and he took me to Spango which is one of the best places in L.A. Spango it's one of the best places in L.A i said. "I know I go here every time I'm in L.A" he replies. We have something in common besides D.C. So he orders this wine that tasted terrific. So what high school did you go to? I asked. " I went to Springbrook High" he said. Oooooooo Springbrook I said. "Hey were not that bad and we're not filled with rich kids" he says. I know but y'all brag a lot I said rolling my eyes. "Ok maybe" he says agreeing.
I tell that I went to Oxon Hill and he was so shocked because we won everything. He looked so fine and his eyes were so beautiful it looks like you can get lost in them. We get are food it was so delicious. "So who do look up to the most?" He asked. Mmmhh thats hard I think I have to say Anglea Basset or Viola Davis amazing actresses or also Meryl Streep I said. "Good choices, you know you going to be there" he says. "Someone going to say your name like that saying they look up to you" he said. I look at him and  he gave me a feeling I never had. When we done with dinner went to take a walk down town. So then he asked my what I thought of him. I thought he was fine ass actor who was bigger than me but I took some things out and I said something that was safe. I also added that he dated Halle Berry for some reason. He laughed at that. So what did you think of me. "I thought I was going to work with this amazing, independent, confident, beautiful woman who would be recognized by the whole world and I was right. I stop and I look him and think no one has ever said that to me before. And then he comes towards me and kisses me. His lips were so soft. He stopped and then he looks at me. He says I'm sorry I know you don't mix business with ple- I cut him off and kiss him back. I felt a strong feeling that this relationship can more than just business.

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