The Morning (Taraji)

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The sunlight hit my face, I knew where I was. I definitely I knew I wasn't in my room. I could feel the warmth of someone arms around me. I feel like I've should've never done this but it felt so right. As I was thinking I felt movement. He groaned as he was waking up. I looked at him. "Good morning"he said. "Morning"I said back. We just stared at each other for minute just thinking about what happened. "You hungry" he asked. "A little bit, but I can eat" I said. "Cool so do you wanna order room service or do you want go somewhere" he said. "Let's get room service you paparazzi can be everywhere" I said. "Yeah that is probably a smart decision" getting the phone to call room service. I went to the bathroom to go freshen up and when I was looking in the mirror I see him, man he is so handsome. "Hey I usually go out for a run in the morning do you wanna come" he said. "Nah I'm good I don't feel like running today" I said. "Okay" he said the food will be here in 30 min. "I'll be back in time for the food" he said walking towards the door. "Ok bye" I said. He left, I lied about the real reason I didn't wanna go. It's because there is a lot of people who will see us and think we are together and I don't want that out just yet.

Time skips
The food had just came and I was waiting for Michael to eat. So I waited for a few minutes and he came running through the door. "Hey I'm back" he said. "Just in time for the food" I say trying to get plates. "Great" he said. I set up the food and we were eating. "So are going to talk" I said. "Talk about what" he asked confused. "What happened last night" I said. "Oh ok he was about to talk then we heard a knock at the door. Uh oh!

To be continued...

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