Meeting Taraji

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I'm going to be working with the terrific Taraji p. Henson guys. "Taraji is the best she incredible Michael" says Kevin. I know. "You know she is single right" says Romany. Guys I not that type of actor  who says am going to date her in this movie, I am here for a job not to see who I am gong to date. "You did with Halle Berry" say Romany. You know what you can shut up. "What you did" says Romany. "Also it not that bad to date her " says Terrence J. No but Taraji does not mix business with pleasure ever. "Maybe she will change her mind about you" said Kevin. Anyway enough about trying to date Taraji let's get back on reading the script. A couple minutes later Taraji comes to the set and sees the girls and then Tim Story tells her to come over and talk to Me. Tim Story introduces Taraji to me. "It seems we are going to working with each other a lot"she says. By the way your a very talented and beautiful actress I'm so glad I'm working with you. "Thanks but your a pretty talented actor" she says. I know but your better and beautiful too. "Thank you"she said. You are very welcome. By the way I need to ask you what is off limits what canI touch what I can't touch."Just go for it the most professional way"she says . Okay thanks for letting me know. Now that I think about it Taraji is really beautiful and it wouldn't be that bad to date her it wouldn't really? I went back to the guys to talk some more. "So how was it taking to Taraji ??"said Jerry. She actually seems really cool. "You were flirting we over heard your guys conversation" Jerry says. "But you you better be careful because she doesn't mix business with pleasure buddy"said Kevin. I know she doesn't and I will keep it totally professional but she really beautiful and talented and her big beautiful brown eyes. "You like her don't you" says Romany. Maybe just maybe I like her that just maybe. "Well maybe she will like you like that just maybe" says Romany.
Maybe I hope she does.

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