This Feeling (Taraji)

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After the day with Michael he has been surprising me with different things. Like he got me flowers but put them as anonymous so no one would know it was from him. Then he got me a Channel bag which he knows that Channel is my favorite. I really felt special with him. Me and him have been alone together since that night at his place. This feeling I had for him was getting stronger because of the scenes we were doing like making out. I really want alone time with him this feeling is getting to strong. I think he knows it is hard to not kiss him in front of everyone. I think it is hard for him too. I went to my trailer to get my things because it was the end of the day filming everyone was leaving. While I was getting my stuff I felt these,big strong arms around me, I knew who it was. It was Michael. "How are you?" he asked with his deep voice. "I'm fine, what are you doing in here, what if someone saw you?" I ask. "I'm fine no one saw me, I'm in here to ask someone if they wanted to come over to see me since were off tomorrow" he asks kissing my neck. "Maybe" I say teasing him. "Maybe?! Oh really" he says flipping me over facing him. "Yeah" I say looking at his eyes. I felt his hand ease up my thigh. "Are you sure it is just "maybe"?" he ask. "Yeah just
maybe" I say with a shiver down my spine. This is what I wanted please do what I want you to do my thoughts says. "Ok" he says and removes his hand. What?! I thought. "Maybe see you later" he says walking away with a huge smile on his face. Oh wow he really just tease me. Oh hell see what's coming to him tonight.

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