Working with Her

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The first scene we did was the first date and it went pretty well but not the part where I suck to her dress that was embarrassing. When I kissed her it felt so real it was amazing. I should remember that she doesn't mix business with pleasure. Oh here she comes. "Hey Michael are you ready to shoot the next scene"she said. Yeah in just a minute I said. The next we shot was the scene where I like chocolate off her thigh. It wasn't sexy cause there was a crew watching us but if they weren't there oh man it would be definitely sexy. "I need another take" she said. I was wondering why she needed another take. Maybe she does like me like that. You okay I said. "Yeah just thinking" said Taraji. Thinking about what I asked, in all her business. "Just thinking about the lines for the next shoot "she said. I knew wasn't thinking about the lines for the next shoot because there was nothing to remember really. Maybe I will ask her out like friends just to get to know her better. She really beautiful, maybe the boys were right. I'm going to ask her out to get to know her better. I want to see the guys response  when I tell that I asked her out. Maybe they will freak out or say something funny. Well let me ask her before it is to late. Hey Taraji I said. "Hey Michael what's up" she said. I was just wondering if you wanted to go out to get to know each other I asked. I was worried about what she was going to say. "Yeah sure when" she said. How about tomorrow night? I asked. "Sure that's fine" she said. Okay then see tomorrow I said. "Okay see ya" she said.

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