Talking to the Guys

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Well another day hanging out with guys, who were annoying me already. "Hey Michael how is it shooting with Taraji" Kevin says. It is very well actually I said trying to avoid where this conversation was going. "What do you mean actually you thought it would go bad" Terrance said. No I never thought it would go bad I said. "Oh okay,then" said Terrance. Why y'all keeping asking about me how you go on about your shooting I said. "Okay well my shooting is so great with Gabrielle she so funny" said Jerry. Gabrielle is funny I said. "Wait didn't you go on a date with some girl Michael" said Kevin. Yeah she okay, she's nice I said." Yeah not as nice as Taraji huh?" said Romany. Why do y'all keep bring Taraji up I said. " Because you two would make a great couple" said Kevin. Ok if y'all want to be in my business, I'm taking Taraji out tonight I said." What!Why didn't you tell us this" said all of them. Because I didn't want y'all in my business and y'all giving your opinions on things I explained. "What! We wouldn't be asking if you were going date Taraji" said Kevin. It's not a date, it is a hangout with coworkers to get to know each other I explained." Okay so what are doing about this girl that you went on a date with " Kevin said. I will just wait till she answers I said. "So what if you like Taraji more than this girl" said Romany. Nothing will happen I will just find another girl I said. " Oh yeah like Taraji" said Terrance. You know what I got to go get ready for tonight. "Yeah for your date" said Kevin. Whatever you guys see ya on set I said leaving the bar.

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