Getting Ready For Dinner(Taraji)

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"Ok! Taraji you got this it is just a business dinner it is not a date" trying to tell myself. What should I wear, what am I going to look like and what about my hair OH NO! "Don't worry your crew is here" said a familiar voice. It was Ashunta and right behind her was Jason and Tim. Thank god you guys are here I got to get ready fo... then Ashunta said "your date, we got this we have all figured out". It is not a date it is just two coworkers who are getting to know each other I said. "Ok whatever you say Taraji" said Ashunta. Why do all of u guys think it is a date and why? I asked. "Because Taraji a man just asked you out to dinner and no man hasn't asked you to go to dinner with him in a long time"said Ashunta. That is not true I've had some dates I said. "That you setup on a dating website" said Jason. "You need to get out there" said Tim. Ok whatever you guys call it can you please help me get ready I only have two hours ok said trying to hurry. Ok the make you look like a women who knows her stuff and also very sexy they said. Ok make me whatever you want just don't make me look terrible. Don't worry we won't said Ashunta. A couple minutes after my hair and makeup was don't I was looking flawless like always the only problem is I don't know what to wear. So Jason had all these outfits picked out but all of seem too sexy or too business to him he said they all need to be just right. Then we found the perfect outfit it was the best choice and the shoes to go with them were even more perfect. Wait why am I getting so perky about how I look it only a business dinner right?!

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