Working with Him

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The first scene we had to shoot first was the first date it wasn't that bad shooting it but there was a bloopers he got suck to my dress. When we did the scene where he's kissing me that kiss felt so real like in a real relationship. WAIT! What am I'm saying I am here for a job, that's it a job noting else but a job. Hey Michael I said. "Hey Taraji what's up" he said.
Ready to take the next scene I said. "Yeah in just a minute " he says. The scene we were about to do was the scene where he licks the chocolate off my thigh. I love my job and I love to wake up at 6 in the morning to do this stuff. Oh man Michael is so fine that's a win. I why do I keep thinking this stuff it business not pleasure. COME ON TARAJI THINK STRAIGHT!!!!!! I will just ask for another take. "You okay? Micheal asked. Yeah I'm okay just need a second to think. "Think about what?" he asked. Thinking about my lines for the next scene I said. "Oh ok "he said. Why did he have to be so fine?! You know what I'm going to hangout with the girls tomorrow they so I will have a break. I hope they don't say something crazy or like I should get together with him. Oh no here he comes don't say something stupid. "Hey" he said. Hey Michael what's up I said trying not to notice how fine he is. "I just
wanted to ask if you want to go out to get to know each other since we are going to be working together a lot" he said. Yeah sure when? I said. "Maybe tomorrow night how's that" he said. Yeah that's fine I said. Well I might as well get ready for tomorrow night.

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