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alright soooo last chapter some of you guys gave me advice on what to do with mr lover boy and I can't thank you enough, all of you are so cute and I wish I could hug each of you!!

but sadly he got some sort of girlfriend apparently so yeh im sad I feel like such a fucking fool for liking him now ☹️ but he still flirts w/ me so hey fuCKBOY ALERT boy bye

enough about me thoooo, let's go with this chap

38 | "Birthday boy part two."

"Baaaabe, I want my present."

Luke pouted exaggeratedly, dragging out his words as his grip around the smaller brunette tightened. He had been nagging about wanting his present for the past two hours, and Logan got more frustrated every time the subject would come up in their conversation.

"I'm not sure if your present is here just yet," She told him calmly, bringing her hand up to run her fingers through his soft and curly hair.

Luke's head shot up from where it was resting on her chest, nearly knocking his head against her chin in the process of getting up. He apologized quickly, not being able to hide the blush creeping on his cheeks. "What do you mean?"

Logan looked around the room in the hope to see what she was looking for. She sighed and a few consuming thoughts crossed her mind because what if all of this was going to fail and she'd end up without any present at all?

"Luke, I can't tell you what I mean," She sighed deeply, "It'll ruin the surprise."

Luke's eyebrows were knitted together after he looked at her irritated facial expression. He knew she really wanted to show him his present, but that she really couldn't and that made her irritated. Luke was aware of the fact that Logan wasn't really irritated with him, just the fact that his surprise wasn't here yet.

"I'm sorry," He apologized quietly, sitting up straight before scratching the back of his neck, realizing how pushy he had been towards Logan just because he wanted to know what his present was.

Logan's gaze averted from the people in the crowd to Luke, seeing how slumped down he was sitting with his head hanging how. It could only mean he was upset with himself.

"No, no," Logan shook her head before sitting closer to Luke, taking ahold of one of hands before squeezing it, "Don't tell me sorry, I know you're really excited."

Luke chuckled softly, nodding his head as he looked down at their intertwined fingers. He sighed before his gaze locked with Logan's, her eyes widened as she just looked back from the entrance of the room.

"Your present's here Luke," She mumbled, disbelief overtaking her face as she cleared her throat. "I uh- come with me okay?"

She had dreaded this moment since everyone came to celebrate Luke's birthday, because she didn't know how her boyfriend would react to this. He was hard to read when it came to showing emotions apart from the times he was in a sexual mood, and so, she wasn't sure how he would react to this present.

"I am so excited." He exclaimed happily with the biggest smile on his face, and it made Logan even more nervous because she did not wanted to let him down. "I think this is the best birthday ever-"

There they were. His eyes widened as he stopped deadly in his tracks, dropping Logan's hand before he rubbed his eyes. What the actual fuck?!

"Happy birthday, Luke." The blonde middle-aged woman spoke up quietly as she held the hand of the smaller version of her.

"I missed you," The teenager spoke up, watching how her brother was nailed to the ground, his voice lost as he tried to speak up.

"W-what?" He shook his head before looking at the smaller brunette that was close by his side, noticing how she was looking at him in concern. "Did you arrange this?"

Logan slowly nodded her head, "Yeah, I did. I've been noticing how you missed them so much and I just thought that you maybe wanted to see them again. I'm sorry if you d-"

Luke shook his head immediately, silencing his girlfriend quickly. She watched how he turned his head, facing his mom and sister. She watched how Liz, his mother, had glistening eyes, the tears dreading to fall if she allowed them to. She watched how Abby, his sister, had let go of her mother's hand and wrapped herself around Luke in a tight hug.

The tall and lanky guy wrapped his arms around his sister and squeezed her tight, unwrapping an arm from around her to get his mom involved in the hug as well.

Logan smiled brightly once the Hemmings family reunited in a tight hug, knowing that Luke had missed them so dearly and now he finally got to see them after three years.

"Jesus Abs, you're so beautiful," Luke mumbled, pressing a kiss onto his sister's forehead before turning to his mom, "I missed you both so much, I can't believe you came."

Liz chuckled, squeezing Luke's shoulder before locking gazes with Logan. She smiled brightly at her daughter in law, "Logan arranged everything Luke, you should be thanking her for bringing us here."

Luke turned around to face his beautiful angel, who had been wiping her tears away from seeing Luke reunite with his sister and mom. He smiled brightly at her, walking back to where she was standing. His hands flew up to cup her cheeks, his lips meeting hers in a hasty kiss.

He pecked her lips a few times before Luke took his girlfriend in a tight hug. "Thank you baby, I love you so much."

She chuckled and ran her fingers through his hair, placing a delicate kiss onto his lips. "I love you too, now go and spend some time with your family. I'll meet you at home, okay?"

small chap, will continue tho!!

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