Chapter 22

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(A/n):Ive decided to finish the book. I can see you guys really enjoy my writing, and whats the point in letting one person ruin it for everyone?! Sorry for the scare! I was so pissed off earlier!! but nevertheless PLEASE DONT STEAL MY IDEAS! I work really hard on this story and for someone just to 'take' my ideas really hurts. Thank you to those who talked some sense into me!! Hope you enjoy! Here is chapter 22!!!!

*Nash's POV*

"What?!?" I screamed, punching the wall. Everyone was in shock. They didn't say anything. Sarah ran out of the room with her hand over her mouth.

"I'll go after her." Matt said. He walked out of the room after Sarah. This is a lot to take in. I can't believe this is happening.

This was suppose to be a fun tour, seeing our fans and having fun with our friends. So much for that idea!

"Cameron. What are we going to tell Sasha. I don't think she can handle this news yet." Hayes said.

"We don't tell her anything until we leave this hospital. She doesn't need it yet. We need to tell everyone else. Hayes text the guys and tell them what's going down. Tell them to say nothing." Cameron said, standing up. Finally. Hayes nodded and left the room.

"Cameron, wh-" I tried to speak but Cameron stopped me. He put his hand up and looked a me with anger and disappointment.

"Nash. Don't. I'm done. When Sasha is ready to go home. We are going home. Me and her. Then, I'm done with Magcon. It just brings bad news. I'm done." Cam said then left me alone, shocked. He can't just 'be done'.

Give me a break please.

*3rd person POV*

Sarah ran from the hotel room in pain. She couldn't believe that this is happening. Not to her best friend. Her best friend who is 15, got raped and is now pregnant.

She ran out the doors of the main lobby and down sidewalk. She heard Matthew calling after her. She didn't want him here. She wanted Jc, but he flew back to Texas that morning to visit his family. Sarah stopped running and fell to the ground in tears.

"Oh Sarah. Its going to be okay. We will all help her. She will get through this, we just have to support whatever her decision is." Matthew said bending down to her level.

"Matt. You don't know her like I do. She wont be able to handle this!" Sarah cried into Matthews shoulder.

"Sarah I know enough about her to know, that she is strong, but she is 10x stronger with the support of her family and friends. Now lets go back and see if she woke up." Matthew replied. Sarah nodded in response. The two stood up and walked back to the hospital.

They walked into Nash's room once again to see only Nash, with a shocked look on his face. They had no idea what was going on.

"Nash? Whats up?" Matthew asked his statue-like friend. Nash just shook him off and went for a walk. Matthew and Sarah knew something very bad had happened.

On the other side of the hospital, a very confused Sasha had woken up. Cameron had gone straight to her room when he finished talking to Nash.

"Sasha Dallas?" Doctor O'Brien said. Sasha and Cam looked up at the doctor with hope.

"We fear that you being in hospital is making you very uncomfortable, so you may leave whenever you wish to as long as you have a stable, quiet place to rest." The doctor said.

"So we can leave right away? Thats great news!" Cameron exclaimed.

"Yes, but about the ba-" Cameron cut off the doctor by continuing to talk.

"Sasha lets get going. Can I talk to you outside, Doc?" He said. The doctor looked at him in confusion, but obliged his request. The two men walked out of the room, leaving Sasha to get ready to go home.

"She doesn't know about the baby. Im not ready to tell her yet." Cameron told the doctor. The doctor simply nodded and left.

Sasha and Cameron headed out the door of the hospital and got into a taxi. Cameron told the taxi driver to head for the airport.

"What about Magcon?" Sasha asked.

"Im done with Magcon Sash. Forever. Can we just go home. Mum needs us there." Cameron replied looking at his phone.

Sasha decided not to push Cameron anymore and looked out the window. The taxi started up and Sasha noticed Nash standing in the lobby looking directly at her. He looked sad. She waved and he was out of her sight in seconds as the taxi drove away.

They headed for the airport, to catch the next plane home.

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