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Its almost 8.

I should probably go change now so that i can get to the bus on time today. I glance around quickly. It seems theres enough registers open, and that everyone has things handled. I turn and start walking, and bump right into someone. I see a blue shirt with a collar. I look up, and sigh.

"Out of my way, my shift is ending."

The new guys eyes widen slightly. "What time is it?"

He still doesnt move, so i push him slightly. He steps back and i start walking. "Its almost 8."

He follows after me and laughs. "My shift ended 30 minutes ago. I need to watch the time better."

I cant help but laugh a little. This guy seems spaced out. We both walk into the employee area. I walk to the lockers and go infront of mine, he goes to the one next to mine. I open mine and look at him.

"Really? Why next to mine?" I tug my name tag off, then my shirt.

"I didnt choose, Mr. Arnold did." He opens his and looks at me. I slip my gray shirt on.

"Who?" I grab my hoodie, and phone.

"Our boss?" He laughs softly and slips his shirt off.

"Oh." I quickly look away after glancing at his body. He has, a very nice body. I slip my hoodie on and close my locker. I start walking to the door, and he follows again. I look at him. Hes now in his normal red hoodie. I look away and walk out.

"So Tom, you take the bus every day?"

I nod and exit the building with him.

"I will have to do that also, i have not yet gotten a car."

I nod again and keep walking to the bus stop.

"I guessing you also dont have a car. How far away do you live from here? I live fairly close."

"Me too." I see the bus in the distance and start running. How in the fuck am i late again. The new guy makes noises of confusion, then realizes what happening and starts running too. He passes me and almost makes it but stops when he realizes im not there?

I get there after the bus takes off. I groan and wipe my face, my heart beating out of my chest. I put my hands on my knees and lean over slightly. I really need to work out more.

The new guy walks over to me. My heavy panting is starting to get embarrassing. He pats my back.

"You okay?" He asks, pullibg his hand away.

"Yes. I-im fine." I stand up and sigh, rolling my hoodie sleeves up. He glances around. I walk over to the bench and sit down. He looks at me and walks over. I pull my phone out. He sits down next to me. I dial Edds number and press call. He picks up on the fourth ring.

"You missed you bus again?" Edd says with a sigh.

"Yeah, im sorry."

"Its okay, i just, i cant pick you up for awhile."

"How long is awhile?" I rub my neck. I can feel the new guys eyes on me.

"Um... an hour or two?"

"Or two!? What are you so busy doing??"

"Its complicated, and i dont know if you really want to know.."

I make a sound of disgust. "Great Edd, cant you do stuff like that before 8??"

"Im sorry! It was very sudden!" I hear Matt in the backround.

"Gross! Id rather walk anyway!" I hang up and groan, stuffing my phone into my pocket.

"What was gross?" The new guy asks.

"My room mate was right in the middle of sex when i called!" I rub my eyes and sigh.

"Oh." He laughs. "Are you really going to walk?" He looks up at the sky as little sounds of pitter begin.

I pull my hands away from my face and look at the now raining enviorment. "Not anymore."

He nods and looks at the ground, then at me. "Want someone to wait with you?"

I look at him, then away. "Well... i guess, sense you decided to not get on the bus."

He chuckles.

I look at him. He smiles at me, so i look away. This guy acts like he knows me, he talks like he understands whats going on in my head. I dont know if i like that. Plus i have this nagging feeling that i know him. I remember his voice, and that hair.

I see in my periferal vision that hes turned away. I look at him. He watching the rain, and has a small smile on his face. Its hard to look away. I feel like im forgeting something.

"Hey Tom, can i have your phone number." He turns to me and i look away quickly. I nod and take my phone out.

"Sure." I go to my contacts and go to add a new one. "Just add yours and ill text you." He nods and takes my phone, putting his number in. He hands in back to me. I look at the name. Its some long thing that i probably cant pronounce. I start a chat thing and text him. Then put my phone in my pocket.

"Thanks, ill text you later." He says in a hopeful voice.

I nod and lean back in the bench.

For those 2 hours. Hes silent. He doesnt even go on his phone.

He just watches the rain.

Its kind of nice. I like him when hes quiet. Ive been starring i think. But i also dont think hes noticed. He has a really nice nose, and pretty gray blue eyes that sparkle. I sound so dumb.

My eyes glance at the road as a car pulls up. I reconize it as Edds car. I stand up and look at the new guy. He looks at me and stands as well.

"Well, my rides here. You have one coming?"

He shakes his head. "No, and before you offer, ill just walk."

I feel my clothes start to get wet, and watch the rain drip onto his cheeks.

"Are you sure?"

He nods and steps forward. Just as he did before, he wraps his arms around my waist tightly. I let my face rest in his chest. Before ive had enough, he pulls away. He holds my arms.

"Ill text you! See you tomorrow." He lets go and starts walking away. I look down at the ground. My chest feels tight, and my face feels hot.

Why does he hug like that?

I here the car horn honk loudly. I jump and walk to the car opening the door, and getting in. I look at Edd. He looks really serious?

"Why were you with him!?" Edd practically screams. I jump and furrow my eyes brows.

"What do you mean??"

Edd looks at me kind of shocked.

"You were with Tord! You know, the crazy rapist that left you."

I give Edd a very confused look.

"No, Edd, i wasnt with this "Tord". I dont know how to say his name, but it isnt Tord."

"Do you not remember?"

"Remember what?"

Edds eyes widen slightly as if he realized something.

"Okay, i dont think you should be friendly with what ever his name is. I dont trust him."

"Youre not my mom-"

"Im serious Tom! Do not hang out with that man!"

I look away and put my hands in my hoodie pocket. Edd looks away from me and sighs. He starts driving.

I feel my phone buzz.

What was Edd talking about.


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