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He holds open the door for me as i walk in. I try to hold in a laugh as i look around. He walks in after me.

"Dominos? I thought you'd take me some where fancier." I look at him.

He chuckles and shrugs. "Pizza is good, and cheap. Ill take you somewhere else if its a problem." He smiles and looks down at me.

I look away and stuff my hands into my jean pockets. "I dont care, pizza's fine."

He walks up to the register and i follow.

"Peperoni? Or?" He looks at me while pulling his wallet from his back pocket.

I pull mine out as well. "Peperoni is fine." I start to pull out half of the price but he stops me, and says our order. He pays the guy behind the counter and gets handed two medium sized cups. He softly pushes me towards the soft drink machine so that we're out of the way. He hands me my cup as i hold onto the money i was going to pay.

"You didnt have to pay full, i couldve helped."

He shakes his head as he fills half his cup with ice. "No, no, i wanted to pay."

I sigh softly and stuff the money into my pocket. I get my drink. "Why?"

"Why did i want to pay?"

I nod at him as i find us a table to sit at.

"Because youre my date." He sits down and sets his drink down. I sit across from him, feeling face heat up quickly.

"Oh." I stare at my drink.

He nods and sips his drink. I hold onto my cup and glance out the window to my right. I wasnt sure if this was a real date or not, but i guess i know now.

"Did i make you uncomfortable?" Tord asks softly.

I look at him and shake my head. "No. No, i just," I shrug and look back away, letting out a small chuckle. "I dont know."

He nods. "So, how was your day before now?"

I look back at my drink and shrug. "It was okay. I didnt do much. What about you?"

"Its was pretty okay too. I was mostly just excited for this."

I glance at him and he smiles. "I was nervous." I laugh softly.

"Oh? Whys that?"

I put a hand on my cheek, feeling my heart pick up. I know he sees me blushing.

"I uh.. i just was, i guess." He smiles a little.

"I was kimd of nervous too. But im not too nervous anymore."

I nod as one of the workers calls out a number. Tord looks at the receipt(?) and stands up. I watch him and he walks to the counter and picks up our pizza. I look down at the table as he sets it down.

He hands me a plate and i take it. He sits down and we grab our desired peices. I sigh softly and look at him.

My heart feels so weird.

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