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I stare at my phone screen, waiting for a response. This guy is really nice. I can tell he's flirting, but its really endearing. He's just a sweet guy.

Edd said i was with someone named Tord, so the post card made sense. I asked him to tell me more about that but he wouldnt. I dont understand why i cant remember him. He was obviously a large part in my life. So what happened? I think it was in highschool, because i cant remember highschool too well.

My phone buzzes. I look at the new message. I frown slightly and the unfortunate news. He says hes going to bed. I glance at the time. Its almost 1 in the morning. I sigh, and tell him goodnight. I turn my screen off and plug my phone into its charger. I lay back in my bed and stare at the ceiling.

I think i miss him.

But why would i? Ive only known him for a day.

I let my eyes fall shut.

"Tom! Youre going to be late!" I feel someone shaking me. I slowly blink open my eyes and sit up. I look towards the mystery person to see Edd.

"Tom, its almost 7:30!"

"Oh fuck!" I get out of bed quickly, tripping over my now messy sheets and various piles of dirty clothing on my floor. I get up and rush to the bathroom, taking my morning wiz, and brushing my teeth. I dont bother with my hair, and leave the bathroom. Going back to my room, i pick up a dirty pair of ripped black jeans and dark gray shirt. I throw them on and grab my phone, slipping on my non usual pair of red vans. Edd calls for me, and we both leave the house and jump into his car. I groan amd look down at my shoes.

Come to think of it, i dont remember how i got these shoes.

I watch out the window as we're driving. I silently curse to myself when i realize what i missed out on. I couldve sat with the new guy on the bus. He had to sit alone. I look forward and rub my arm. I bet hes mad at me.

Edd pulls into a parking space and sighs.

"You need to make sure youre up on time! I dont want you to get fired!" Edd said in the most motherly way possible. I sigh and get out of the car.

"Bye Edd, thanks for the ride." I say as im closing the door. I walk around the car and start walking to the enterance of Walmart. Edd drives away and i step inside, going straight to the employee room. I look around and see a very messy new guy walk into the store. I chuckle and walk over to him. He doesnt have his usual spikes. He looks at me and smiles, looking over my body, he stops at my shoes, his smile fading. I furrow my eye brows.

"You okay?"

He looks up. "Oh, yes. I over slept." He chuckles and takes my hand, walking to the employee room.

"On the second day? Wow."

He opens the door for me and i walk in.

"I know, but it is not my fault." He walks to his locker and i follow.

He continues. "It is yours, because you kept me up late."

I open my locker and slip my shirt off. "I did no such thing. You kept me up." I put my blue polo shirt on and clip on my name tag.

"Oh, definitely."

I close my locker and look at him. He puts his blue shirt on and looks back at me.

"Turns out i over slept too." I chuckle and turn on my heel. I walk to the door and he follows.

"Really? What a coincidence."

I nod. He starts again.

"Hey, so i thought we could hang out this weekend. Get to know each other better."

I look at him. "Really?"

He nods. "Why dont we go to this super cool park? Its right near that old highschool."

I look away to think, then nod. "Yeah, sounds good. What time?"

"Hm, 5:30 pm, on Saturday."

"5:30? That seems late."

"Night time is when life gets fun."

I look at him and chuckle. "You have point."

He nods and starts to go the opposite direction.

"Ill see you at lunch." He winks at me. I blush lightly and nod, going to my assigned cash register.

I stare at the ground, feeling a small smile grow onto my face. I feel like a teen again. Going of in the night. I wonder what hes got planned.

I feel my heart flutter.

I hope it goes well.

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