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That fimilar face.

Every day is agonizingly the same. I get up at 6 o'clock, get ready for work, go to work, come home at 8, and sleep. Of course, i shower and eat, but theres nothing fun anymore. Not that there was anything fun before anyways.

I remember a time when my life felt like a tv show that was poorly written. My life was busy, and full.

But now its just...


I sigh and lean on the seperating wall of my cash register, looking at my chipped black painted nails.

You know, im not sure why i still paint my nails. I probably still look like some edgy teenager who rides to work on his skate board and hates his mom.

I look up and sigh again. I pick at the old nail polish and watch for any costomers.

Its 8 am, and the store is basically empty. And no one ever wants to come to my register. Me and my scary apperance. I dont care that much though, at least i dont have to talk to anyone.

I glance around again, but stop on something fimilar. Very fimilar.

A tall white guy with dirty blonde hair spikes.

Two horn like spikes, to be exact.

I know ive seen him some where, but where?

I watch him from where i stand. He picked up bacon, pizza rolls and a pack of mint chapstick. I see him check his phone and start walking towards the small post card section. He takes an eternity to pick one, then looks around to spot an open register.

Ive seen that face somewhere before.

He looks at my number and starts walking. I look away and pretend to be busy as he walks up and puts his groceries on the conveyor belt. I look at him and give a fake smile as i start to ring him up.

"Good morning." I try to say happily. He stays silent so i look up at him.

"Oh, yes, good morning." He says as he gets his wallet out.

I finish ringing him up and press some buttons as the total amount displays.


He nods and hands me a twenty. I take it and open the cash register, slapping it ibto its spot. I pull out four ones, two quarters, and one penny. In all honestly i have no clue if i gave him the right amount. I hold the money out and he takes it. Except, instead of walking away, he just stared at me.

"Anything i can help you with?" I say with a slight angered tone.

He shakes his head and puts the money in his pocket before grabbing his things.

"Sorry, have a good day." He says as he walks away.

"You too." I say with a sigh.

Whyd that fimilar guy stare at me? Maybe he thinks he knows me from somewhere too.

I chuckle softly and sigh.

I will admit though, he was pretty handsome.

Haha p short first chapter, i hope its ok. I really like cliche things,,

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