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Its 8 pm. Finally.

I go into the employee space and change into my normal blue hoodie, with my gray shirt. I leave my work shirt in my locker and head out of the room, and to the large double doors. I walk out and sigh. The walk to the bus stop is always so long.

As im walking i look into the distance. The bus is already at the stop. I frown and look at the time on my phone. Shit, im late. I start booking it towards to the bus stop and silently curse to myself as i pick up a sweat. I dont think ill get there in time.

I called it. Right as im getting close to the stop, the bus drives away.


I sigh out heavily as i get the bus stop. I slam my body down onto the provided seating and groan. I sigh and roll my sleeves up before looking around. I wonder if Edd is home. I sigh some more and pull my phone out of my pocket. I dial his number and call, bringing the phone to my ear. He picks up.

"Hey Tom, whats up?"

"The bus drove off with out me, can you pick me up?"

"Seriously, again?"

"I know, i know.."

"Yeah, gimme a minute. Just wait at the stop. See you soon."

He hangs up. I turn my phone screen off. I gotta start being a little faster. 30 minutes pass and i see Edds car pull up. I get up and walk over, opening the car door, and getting in.

"You should buy a car." Edd says while driving away.

"I cant yet, im still saving."

"Save faster." He chuckles. I push his shoulder.

"You know, i saw this guy earlier today."

"Oh? Is Tom interested in someone?"

"No, no, he was just oddly fimilar."

"How so?"

"I dont know, i couldnt put my finger on it. I just felt like i knew him."

Edd shrugged. "Maybe youll see him again."


Edd pulls into the drive way and parks. He turns the car off and gets out, i do the same. We walk up to the door and go inside. Edd goes to the kitchen and gets a cola, before walking to his room. I start to walk to my room untill Matt runs up to me at full speed.


He runs into me and i fall backwards. I sigh and look up at him.

"What, Matt." I say as i start to sit up.

He holds out a small post card. "This!! It came for you earlier today!!"

I stand up and take it. I look over the picture as Matt walks past me.

It was a cliche picture of nature and my name scribbled in the corner. I flip it over to read it.

It says, "hello Tom, it has been quite awhile. For some time you stayed in my head, a constant thought. Then you disapeared, i had many other things to worry about. But recently you came back into my head, and wouldnt leave. I was going to give you this to see if youd like to meet up, but when i saw you earlier, you hadnt a clue who i was. So i wont pester you. Yours truely. Tord."

What the heck? Whos Tord? And what kind of name is that? I laugh to myself. Whatever, maybe hes just some stalker. I walk to my room and set his post card on my desk. I pull my hoodie off along with my jeans and shoes. I plop into bed and sigh.

Tord, hm?

Maybe it was that guy from earlier?

I close my eyes and think.


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