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"Where to next?" He looks down at me as we exit Dominos. I look around and think. I look back up at him.

"Want to go back to my place?"

I see him faintly blush, sending me into panic mode. I throw my hands up.

"Not so we can have sex, just to hang out!" I feel my face burn.

He laughs as his cheeks turn redder.

"I know." He laughs a little more.

I put my hands down and look away, feeling dumb. I rub my arm.

"Well whyd you blush?"

I glance at him from the corner of my eye.

"I uh, ill admit i thought of something dirty first. But i know that wouldnt happen." He smiles at me and continues. "Lets start walking, its pretty dark outside."

I nod and turn to start walking. He takes my hand softly, walking forward. I walk with him, looking down at our hands, then quickly looking back up. He speaks quietly.

"Do you mind holding hands?" I feel his thumb rub the back of my hand softly.

I shake my head. "No, its okay."

Our walk is long and quiet, the only aduible sounds are of the sublte wind and crickets. As we walk up to the house, i pull my hand away and take my key out of my pocket. I quietly open the front door and step inside, peeking around to see if anyones in sight. When the coast is clear i let Tord come in. I close the door behind him and lock it.

"This way." I start towards the hallway.

I get to my room and open the door, lettibg Tord inside first. I walk in after, repeating my previous actions. Closing the door, and locking it.

I look over at Tord, then the mess covering my room. I mentally curse and look back at him.

"You can sit while i clean up a bit." I point to my bed. He nods and sits.

I cannot express my embarrassment. I completely forgot what a mess my room was. And while kicking my dirty clothes into a pile, i cant help but to feel even more embarrassed. I kick my shoes off then turn to him. He looks back at me.

"You can take your shoes off if you want." I walk over and sit down nect to him. He nods again and takes his off, tossing them over to mine. He looks at me again.

"Sorry i dont have a tv in here or anything." I force out a chuckle to make it seem that im not as tense. "Im not actually sure what we could do." I look at him, and our gaze meets.

"We could just talk, i like talking to you." He smiles.

I nod, still making eye contact. It takes a moment before i snap out of it. I look away quickly and laugh out of nervousness.

"So Tom, what kind of stuff do you like to do?"

I shrug and play with the hem of my shirt. "Sometimes i watch TV, or play video games. Hang out with my roomates. What do you like to do?"

"The same, except i dont talk to my roomates that much. I also like to draw, but im not too good at it."

I nod. "Thats cool."

He shrugs. "Any bad habits? Im trying to quit smoking."

I shrug again. "My roomate Edd thinks i drink too much, but i dont think that. I mean, what would he know? Hes not me."

Tord nods. "I dont drink too often. Only on occasion."

I nod and sit down next to him. He looks at me.

"So, i take it your favorite colour is blue?"

I nod, "its always been my favourite."

"Ive always liked red, but blue has been my second favourite for a long time."

"Red is... reds an okay colour." I look away, feeling my heart pound.

I feel him lean over and wrap his arms around me. I turn slightly to face him. He puts his face into my neck. I rest a hand on his back.

"You okay?"

"Howd you get that scar on your neck?"

"Oh, um. I think i had a fallout with some boyfriend, and over reacted a touch."

He nods. "Im sorry."

I rub his back softly. "Its okay."

Im not sure why im letting him do this. I guess it just feels really nice. I dont usually let people touch me.

I feel his hands move to my waist. He holds them there before slowly sliding them up my ribs. He then slides his hands to my shoulder blades. I hold onto the back of his shirt. I feel his lips touch my neck. My heart flutters and i hold on tighter. His hands move down to my hips. He softly squeezes.

"Are you okay with this?" He asks, keeping his voice low.

I nod and hold on tighter, ignoring a reoccuring image. He slips a hand up the back of my shirt, putting his hand on the small of my back and pulling me closer.

He kisses my neck again and lays me down under him. He puts a hand on my right leg and softly moves it aside so he can scoot into my hips.

I dont look up at him.

He softly starts to slip my pants off. Once theyre off, he tosses them aside and un buttons his own. He slides them down to his mid thigh and brings my hips closer. He slowly grinds agaisnt me, placing a hand on my growing bulge. I bite my lip and softly push my self closer.

Tord, his name. Hes probably the one who sent me the post card.

He slips my underwear off and pull out a condom. He takes off the wrapper and hands it to me. I sit up and reach towards the tent in his boxers. I tug them down and grab the base of his dick. I put the condom and tip and roll it down, getting a low gasp from Tord. I lay back down and stare at it, as he grabs my hips and lines himself up. I close my eyes and gasp as he pushes himself in.

As he starts to thrust in and out, i throw my arms over his shoulders and hold onto the back of his shirt. He leans down into my neck and starts to mark me. I arch my back and bite my lip to hold in my moans.

Tord, Tord, Tord. My head hurts.

He holds onto my hips tightly as he bites down on my neck. I moan softly and did my nails into his back. I feel my eyes well at thoughts i try to push away.


He pulls away from my neck, looking down into my eyes. I feel my heart beat out of my chest. Those cold gray eyes that used to be bright.

I run my hand through his hair. His hot breath hitting my lips. I feel a knot tightening in my stomach as i come closer. He leans down and kisses me, closing his eyes and pressing his chest to mine.

I close my eyes and take him in, feeling my heart explode as everything falls into place.

I moan one last time as we both reach. He breaks the kiss and lets out a low breathy moan. He slowly pulls out, looking down at me.

How did i forget him.

I pull my arms down, and cup his cheeks with my hands.

He looks confused.

I lean up and kiss him, closing my eyes and letting my muscles relax. He kisses back and slides his hands up my waist.

I break the kiss.

My mentally ill, devil horned, rapist boyfriend came back to haunt me.

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