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5:00 pm, saturday night.

I didnt think id get nervous, but i totally am. I put on something nice, and im not sure why. In most peoples books, its not considered fancy or whatever. But its fancier than what i usually wear. Its a light blue, button up shirt. I rolled the sleeves up to make it not as fancy. Plus, im wearing really old black jeans.

I look down at my shoes and tap my feet. Maybe my get up is too much, what if he thinks i look stupid? I rub my arms and glance at the clock.


Time moves much too slow. I stand up and leave my room, heading over to the living room. I sit down on the empty couch and stare at the wall. I jolt when i feel my phone start to buzz. I pull it out of my pocket and look at whos calling. Its him. I feel a wave of panic as i slide the answer button. I press the phone to my ear.


"Hey, Tom! Im almost to your place. I think im a bit early, so i wanted to call."

"Oh, alright. Ill be waiting." I chuckle softky.

"Okay, see you soon." He makes a kissy sound.

"Yeah, bye." I smile to myself and play with one of the rips in my jeans.

"Bye Tom." He hangs up and i pull the phone away from my face. I let out a long sigh and lean back into the sofa.

Why did i smile? Thats so dumb.

Not even two minutes pass, i hear a knock at the door. I quickly get up a speed walk over, going on my tippy toes to look out the peep hole. Its him.

I start to smile, but quickly wipe it away as i open the door.

"Hello Tom!" He looks at my outfit, then at me.

"Hey." I start to step out, then hear someone leave their room. I look over to see Edd. He looks at me.

"Ooh~ does Tom have a date?" He wiggles his eye brows.

I frown and feel my face start to heat up. "What? No!"

Edd laughs and starts walking over, looking past me and suddenly frowning. I look at the new guy and he looks shocked.

Now im just confused.

I look at Edd. "Im leaving. Good bye." I step out and close the door behind me. I feel my phone start to blow up. I sigh and look up at my date.

"Sorry about him."

"Oh, it is fine. Shall we get going?"

I nod and we make our way down the side walk.

Its kind of sad that neither of us have a car. At least i live fairly close to our destination.

Our walk consists of nothing. He doesnt talk at all, which isnt like him. And i very boring. As we get to the park, i feel deja vu hit me like a brick. He takes me to this bench and just sits. I sit down next to him and look up at the large oak tree standibg next to us. A soft sound of frogs croaking and rustling of grass can be heard. I feel him tap my shoulder. I look at him.

"Turn and look behind you." He says before turning himself. I nod and turn my body, my eyes widen slightly. In the far distance the sun sets. The sky is filled with warm peaches and golds that blend into the cold dark blue sky. I hear the new guy start to mumble a phrase.

"Im sorry."

He says it so quiet, im sure didnt mean for me to hear. And all i can think while staring at the scene.

Its okay, Tord.

It doesnt make sense. I was here before, i was here with him. I was looking at the sunrise with him.

Was i here with him?

Who even is Tord.

I look away from the sunset. I was okay before, but i hate being confused. He looks at me with hope. I raise an eyebrow at him.

"What?" I cross my arms. His once hopeful stare turns cold.

"Nothing." He looks back at the sunset and sighs.

Maybe he wants me to watch it.

I turn again, resting my leg on his. I look at the sky and rest my chin on the back of the bench.

It is really pretty. I didnt expect him to be a hartefeld guy, takibg me to watch sunsets. I wonder whats next.

I glance at him.


He looks at me quickly. I realize my mistake and chuckle.

"Oh oops. Sorry, thats not your name." I look away again. Why did i say that?

"Oh, um, yes."

I nod. "So whats after this? Dinner?"

He doesnt answer, so i look at him. Hes looking down at his hands.

I feel confused.

"Whats your name? Or, what can i call you?"

He looks at me. He looks nervous.

"Uh, Tord." He chuckles anxiously.

"Really?" I laugh a little. "You the guy that sent me that post card?"

He chuckles more, "yeah..."

I push his arm softly.

"Tord it is then. I hope youre not as creepy as the post card guy."

I look back at the sunset.

I feel a tension.

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