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I wake up at 6 am sharp. I slam the off button on my alarm clock and slowly sit up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I had the weirdest dream. It was all deja vu -y. The guy from yesterday and me. Why am i having dreams about him.

I sigh and get out of bed. I slip on the same clothes from yesterday and grab my phone. I yawn and leave my room to go catch the bus. I say bye to Edd and leave.

Right as i get to the bus stop, the bus pulls up. I get on and pay the 1 dollar fee, then go to sit in my usual seat. Oddly enough, that guy from yesterday is in my seat.

Of course.

People start to pile up behind me, so i make a quick desision and plop into the seat next to him, and immedatly regret it. He looks at me in confusion. I stare forward and pretend im not here. He looks away and out the window.

Im kind of mad, because that could be me, looking out the window. But no, im in the hallway seat. Out of pure anger i turn to him.

"Youre in my usual seat."

He turns to me. "Oh? That is why you sat next to me?"

"Yes. Will you move?"

"No, the bus is driving. Thats dangerous."

"Oh ill show you dangerous, buddy."

At this point im fuming. He raises his eye brows and smiles.

"Oh will you?"

I stand up and grab his collar right as the bus takes a sharp turn. I loose all balance i once had and fall onto his lap, hitting the back of my head hard on the window.

I grab the back of my head and close my eyes tight.

"God damn it!"

"Quite dangerous, im very scared." The pointy horned asshole says with a laugh.

"Shut up!" I quickly stand up and sit back down in the seat i hate. I keep my eyes closed a rub the back of my head.

"Fuck, that hurt." I mumble under my breath.

"What is your name, if you dont mind me asking."

"Tom." I sigh and open my eyes, looking over at him. "And why do you care?"

He shrugs and looks back out the window. I sigh as the bus come to a stop i stand up and so does he. I ignore him and get off the bus, and start walking to my shitty job. I pull my hands away from ny head and look over my shoulder. He jogs up to me. I frown and look away.

"What do you want?"

"I thought we could walk together. I am going to the same place as you."

"And whats that."

"Walmart, i applied for a job yesterday, and they asked me to start today."

"You were shopping yesterday?" I look at him.

"Yes, after i got my things, i decided to apply. I just moved back here, and i dont like mooching off of my friends."

I sigh and look away.

"So, we are now co-workers." He said with a smile. "I am very glad they hired me."


He nods. "I will sit in a differebt seat tomorrow, i didnt know it was yours."


We both walk into the grocery store and walk to the employee area. My boss greets both of us, but pulls the new guy off to the side. I walk to my locker and slip my hoodie off, then my shirt. I put on my work shirt, along with ny name tag and sigh. I turn and jump when i see this guy standing directly over me. Hes looking at my arms. I frown and put my arms to my sides, and walk out of the room.

What the hell.

Who stares like that?

What an asshole.

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