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All day, this guy will not leave me alone. He is so irratating. I think he said the boss man wanted me to "train" him because im the only good worker here.

And i still dont know his name!

They havent gotten him a name tag yet, and i dont want to ask. He also keeps his arms behind his back like some weirdo. And every chance he gets, he looks at the dumb scars on my arms. Not to mention, hes always talking.

Always. Talking.

I wish there was an off button, because good lord, i feel like my ears are going to fall off. I look around and see boss guy coming over. I stand up straighter.

"Thomas, have you shown our new recrute how to use a register?"

Why didnt he use his name?? Why is my life so hard.

"No, not yet. Ill do that now."

"Thank you." He looks at mr. Annoying, then at me, then leaves. I sigh softly and look up at the asshole.

"Have you ever used one of these before?"

He shakes head. I sigh and look away. I start explaining what each button does, and that if you cant figure something out, use the walkie talkie to call someone over. He nods as im telling him. I look over at him.

"Now, open it, and do some other stuff. Show me you retained some of what i told you."

He nods. I look at the register. He reaches over and starts trying to open the it. I grab his dumb little hand and put it where it needs to be. He thanks me. I watch what hes doing, and just so happen to glance at his fore arm. And holy shit. I look away so he doesnt catch me. His arm looks like he rolled it around in razor blades, or had a tiger attack it.

Now i feel kind of bad for getting mad at him. He opens the register and smiles.

"I figured it out!"

I laugh slightly. "Its not that hard."

"Maybe for you." He pulls his arm back and sighs. I look up at him and he looks down at me.

"What happened to your arm? Slam it into a meat grinder?" I laugh slightly and he frowns.

"I could ask you the same thing."

I look away and chuckle. "Yeah, i guess we were all dumb teens."

He sighs.

"Sorry for pointing it out, and for getting mad at you."

"Its okay, i shouldve expected both."

I shrug and look around. I make eye contact with costomer and they start walking to a different register instead of mine.

Are my eyes really that discouraging?

I sigh and speak into my walkie talkie.

"Anyone want to switch to register? People are avoiding number 6 again."

Someone replies, and tells me to go stock the shelves on isle 8. I start walking over and newbie follows. Luckily, who ever was stocking, left what had to be stocked. I pick up where they left off. Newbie watches me.

It feels kind of tense.

"Want to help?" I look at him, he nods and walks closer. I hand him two cans of corn and he puts them on the shelf. I pat his shoulder.

"Youre a natural!"

He laughs. "Yes, thanks."

I pull my hand away and motion for him to continue.

"So its my job now?" He asks.

I nod. "Yep, seems like your a pro."

He shakes his head. "At least help."

I let out a long sigh and start putting cans on the shelf. He smiles.

"Thank you."


After 20 minutes of stacking he turns to me. I look up at him. He has a serious look on his face.

"Can i have a hug?" He asks sweetly.

"A what?" I furrow my eye brows and frown.

"A hug. It doesnt have to be long."

I shake my head. "Miss me with that gay shit." I laugh a little and keep stacking.


I look back at him. "Seriously?"

He nods.

"Why do you want a hug so bad."

He sighs and shakes his head. He starts stacking again.

"Nevermind." He says disapointedly.

I nod and look at the cans. Maybe hes nervous and needs a hug to calm him down. Or maybe hes trying to get in my pants.

Either would be fine.

I turn to him and put a hand on his back. Im not sure why i was so against it. He looks at me and stands up straight.

"Do i get the hug?"

I nod. He turns slightly and leans over and down, wrapping his arms around my waist. He buries his face ibto my neck and holds me as tight as he can. I rest my hands on his shoulder blades. My face heats up to 100 degrees.

This hug is alot more loving than i expected.

He rubs up my back then starts to pull away. I pull away and cough slightly, looking down at the ground.

"Thanks for the hug."

I nod and glance at him as he turns away.

Hes genuinly smiling.

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