Jealousy (Sherlock)

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I am so sorry for this being late! This was requested.

"Hello, Sherlock." A seductive voice says as I open the door. I instantly recognize the voice, rolling my eyes. "Hello, Irene." I greet back, my eyes catching her smirk. "Isn't it wonderful seeing me?" She asks, making her way into 221b. "Not really." I answer her. She then turns around, still smirking. "Oh, Sherlock," she begins. "Do you always have to try and be so mean to me?" "I don't have to try; it's just instinct." I remind her, the smirk that adorns her face slowly disappearing.

After climbing up the stairs, I sit in my chair and begin the conversation. "Anyways," I begin. "What do you want with me?" I question, wanting to her to get to the point. If I'm being honest, I don't like Irene's company which isn't really anything new for me, but still. I know she's going to bring up something about mine and (Y/n)'s relationship and I know she's going to insult (Y/n) as well which will not go down well for me.

"I just want to your time, Sherlock," She tells me, sitting down on the couch next to me. "And of course, your..." she places her hand on mine. "Love~" "Sorry," I apologize, taking my hand away from hers. "My love is claimed by someone else."

"Sherlock," I hear the voice of the one who claimed my love. "Would you like some tea for you and your guest?" I turn and see (Y/n) by the doorway, smiling like she always does. I quickly smile back at her, only to notice the her left lower leg lightly shaking. "Darling, what are you doing up?" I ask, standing from my seat. "You tore your achilles; you're not supposed to be on it." I say, walking to her. "I know, but- oh!" She says with a small giggle as I pick her up bridal style and carry her back into the kitchen.

Lightly kissing her cheek, I place her back in the dining chair, her laptop in front if her with a cup of tea next to it. "Don't get up again," I tell her, hugging her to me. "I don't want you to hurt even more than you already are." She smiles at my comment before leaning over and kissing my lips. "Okay, my love." She tells me, making me smile again.

Turning around, I walk back into the living room and sit down in my chair once more, looking over at Irene who's now smiling. "Sherlock,"she starts. "You don't have to hire a fake girlfriend to fool me," she leans in closer. "And a ugly one at that." My eyebrows furrow as I squint My eyes at her. "Irene, that's my real girlfriend," I tell her, unamused. "Anyways, what do you want?" She blinks a few times, averting her eyes away from mine. "I need to go back into hiding, Sherlock." She admits. I quickly think of my answer. "No." I reply, quickly standing up and walking to the stairs. I turn back toward her, watching as she sits up from her leaning position. "What?" She asks, eyes wide. "No; that's my answer, Irene," I repeat myself. "You come in here, asking for my help while at the same time, you insult my girlfriend who is BEYOND beautiful, and yet you still think that I want a relationship with you," I lean in close as she did earlier. "NO."

A few moments pass before she stands as well and makes her way over to me, looking up at me. "Thank you for your time, Sherlock," she tells me before walking down the stairs in a quick motion. Reaching the last step, she stops, before turning back toward me and looking up. "Until next time."

I know that will be the last thing I'll hear from Irene for a long time, but sadly, it won't be long enough.

Walking back up the steps, I make my way into the kitchen, only to see (Y/n) sitting at the table where I left her, her fingers hovering over the keyboard and her eyes seemingly staring off into space. I can tell by her expression that she's thinking... thinking hard about something... something has made her stop what she was doing just to think hard... and since (Y/n)'s attention is not easily averted away from something... it must be something that caught her off guard... Irene.

Moving behind her, I lean down and kiss the side of her head, making her lightly jump. She soon breaks into a smile, letting out a held in breath. "Sherlock, you scared me." She informs me, quickly resuming her typing to pass it off, but I'm not easily fooled. "(Y/n), you know I love you and only you," I remind her, wrapping my arms around her shoulders. I watch as her cheeks turn pink and her smile falters; she knows I caught her jealousy. "And you know I don't like Irene." She blinks a few times, sighing. "I know, Sherlock, but I just..." she doesn't finish, and I know she won't finish unless I urge her on. "You know you can tell me." I promise her, getting on my knees behind her while nuzzling my face into her hair. She sighs again.

"I just don't get it, Sherlock," She starts. "How do you, an incredibly handsome and overall amazing guy, settle for me when you have SO MANY beautiful women like Irene practically throwing themselves at you," Finished, she rests her head against her hand while sighing more. "I just don't get it."

Pulling a chair beside her, I sit down and immediately pull her into my lap, cuddling her to me while leaning her head against my shoulder. "First of all," I begin, combing my fingers through her hair. "I did NOT settle for you. And by the way, you are way more beautiful than Irene," (Y/n) looks up at me, a little confused. "You are unique, (Y/n). I have never been able to find carbon copies of you anywhere and I hope it stays that way. No matter what, when I'm walking down the street with you or even laying on the couch with you in my arms, I always look down and I'm reminded that I know what love is because of you. You are the only person who I can love in a romantic way and do you want to know how I know that?" (Y/n) smiles. "Deduce it for me." I smile; she knows me so well. "If I were to lose you, I would not have love. The reason being that you have all the love I could ever show to someone romantically."

I watch her face for a few moments, her cheeks turning red before she quickly stuffs her face into my neck out of embarrassment. "Thank you, Sherlock." She says. I smile again, only for another thing to pop up in my mind. "And for the beautiful women throwing themselves at me, those women throw themselves at everyone... they're not even beautiful in my taste." "Sherlock!" (Y/n) scolds me, laughing. I chuckle at her outburst. "What?" I question. "I would much rather have a woman with as bright of a mind as you than a woman who doesn't even know how to use a toaster."

(Y/n) waits a few moments, still smiling, before leaning toward me and kissing my lips. "I love you, Sherlock." She tells me, continuing to kiss me. I kiss her back while hugging her by her waist. "I love you too, my clumsy and beautiful girlfriend." She quickly pulls back from kissing me and faces me with her lips formed into a straight line. "Don't look at me like that," I say, chuckling as she begins to smile. "I'm not the one who tore my achilles."

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