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BBC: Sherlock x Reader by musickidmickey
BBC: Sherlock x Readerby Danielle♥
Highest ranking: #3 in SherlockHolmesxReader Well, as the title says. It's mostly Sherlock x Reader, but I hope to write for more characters in time. Please enjoy! And...
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Sherlock Imagines by CreepyLilMonster
Sherlock Imaginesby Mrs. Reid <3
This is a book containing Sherlock Holmes Imagines! Requests are closed 😊 -CreepyLilMonster
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The man behind the mask: Sherlock X Reader by chantellec333
The man behind the mask: Chantelle
Meet (Full name), the girl with the power to deduce like Sherlock Holmes. When she moves to London in hopes to escape her past, she meets Sherlock Holmes, the one and on...
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Benedict / Sherlock Imagines by starlitsarah
Benedict / Sherlock Imaginesby ミ★ Sarah ★彡
[under reconstruction!]
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Elementary by Lilyofthevalley03
Elementaryby Lilyofthevalley03
Just some Sherlock imagines because who doesn't love Sherlock? A jumble of one shots and possibly a few two-three parters. Nothing too dirty in here, might get steamy bu...
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BBC's Sherlock Imagines - Requests Open by TheSherlockHolmes
BBC's Sherlock Imagines - Irene Adler
Imagines revolving around the characters from the BBC show Sherlock. Characters include: Sherlock Holmes John Watson Greg Lestrade Mycroft Holmes (James) Jim Moriarty Th...
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