Pregnancy (Sherlock)

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Sherlock Holmes and (Y/n) were a happily married couple. They laughed with each other, smiled at each other, and told each other regularly that they loved each other. Sherlock was a private detective and (Y/n) was a writer and they both loved hearing about each other's passions. Anyone who saw the two could tell their hearts had been made for each others. Although, there was one person who wanted to use this against Sherlock; Jim Moriarty.

Yes, Sherlock knew that Moriarty was crazy enough to do just anything, but one thing Sherlock refused to think about was Moriarty using (Y/n) against him. And at the time, Sherlock really didn't want Moriarty doing something to (Y/n). Why? Because Sherlock knew something about (Y/n) that even (Y/n) didn't know.

She was pregnant.

So, when Moriarty got himself and Sherlock on the roof of a building, threatening to kill (Y/n) unless Sherlock jumped, Sherlock had to think quick, to which, he did. The only bad thing: (Y/n) would have to think he was dead. Sherlock couldn't piece all of his plan together in one puzzle, but he knew what he was doing.

Three months passed after this, (Y/n) grieving every day over his "death". She tried not to get herself worked up so much over it due to the fear of losing the baby and even Mrs. Hudson helped her out. And because Mrs. Hudson knew Sherlock so well, she let (Y/n) stay in 221b for half the price and frequently checked on her to make sure she was doing okay.

Because she loved Sherlock with all her heart, (Y/n) found it hard to continue going on without him. When you lose someone who you did everything with, it almost kills you. (Y/n) wrote from her heart; well, with Sherlock gone, it felt like her heart was gone too. She no longer wrote as much as she used to, nor was it as heartfelt and full of passion as it used to be. She didn't cook or bake as much as she used to. She didn't do most of the things she found to be fun anymore because the person who made it fun for her was gone.

Even though she grieved, (Y/n) knew something wasn't adding up. His "death"... it was too simple. She knew Sherlock better than anyone else and she knew that he would not have easily fallen into Moriarty's plan. She knew he was too smart for that. A part of her felt like he knew what he was doing. And that same part also felt that he was still alive.

One day, (Y/n) was laying on the couch she and Sherlock shared so much time on, trying to fall asleep. Being four months pregnant was hard but trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in was harder. Finally, after a few minutes of tossing and turning, (Y/n) fell asleep facing the back of the couch with a hand on her small bump. As she slept, a pair of blue/green (seriously, wtf is the color of Benedict Cumberbatch's eyes) were watching her, tears slowly coming to the beautiful orbs. Oh how he wished he could cuddle her like he used to. Now that she was carrying his child, he would have done anything to do so.

Instead of risking losing his cover, he settled for covering her with her (f/c) plush blanket. But as he stared down at her, one hand still holding the folded blanket, it was like something took over him. He watched as he got down on his knees, placing his hands on her belly before leaning forward and placing his lips to the clothed mound that was protecting his child. As he stayed there, he closed his eyes, tears seeping out of the corners. He didn't want to leave (Y/n) again. It was so painful the first time, now he has to do it a second time?

A hand placing itself upon his soft curls causes him to open his eyes and look up to the owner of the hand: (Y/n). He hasn't even noticed she woke up, never the less, turned a little bit. Staring down at him with tears, she smiles softly before he nearly jumps to her, slamming his lips on hers. Immediately, she kisses back, pulling him closer to her while placing her arm around him.

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