Drugs (Sherlock)

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John's POV
"Sherlock, I'm not letting you waste your mind on drugs!" I hear (Y/n) yell as I enter the apartment, placing my coat on the rack. "(Y/n), they help me think!" Sherlock defends. "Besides, why do you even care? You're only concerned when it comes to something detrimental about me." My eyes widen. When it comes to how Sherlock treats and talks to (Y/n), this is a very shocking and hard to believe. He's always smiling and chuckling when she's around; now he's like this?

"I care because I love you, Sherlock, which is one of the most overused lines in history, I know, but I do mean it," I can practically see Sherlock's smirk. "And yes, I am concerned about something that's detrimental to you; aren't you the same way about me?" Sherlock waits a few moments to answer (Y/n)'s question. "Yes." "Then why don't you see the problem in drugs, Sherlock?! You're smart, you're intelligent, you're always telling John to put his head to some use, but it seems as if you didn't follow your own advice when it comes to this type of stuff! And, love, I can help you! Even Mrs. Hudson can help!" (Y/n) takes a short pause before speaking again, this time, her voice being in a different tone. "But, oh wait. That's right. Drugs in Mister Holmes' system is much smarter than asking for help!" A brief silence passes before (Y/n) speaks up again. "Sherlock, I know you're highly intelligent. So, tell me... what does heroin do to the body?" Sherlock answers moments later. "Collapsed veins, withdrawals, increased heartbeat, tooth loss, shaking of limbs, hair loss, and death." He admits, his voice showing disappointment in himself. "And cocaine?" (Y/n) questions. "Increased heartrate, swollen nostrils, blood clots in the brain and lungs, stroke, heart attack, and death." Again, Sherlock admits all of these, his voice showing embarrassment.

At this, I walk quietly to where the two are, only to find them in the bathroom, standing a few feet away from each other. Sherlock's face not only shows embarrassment like I thought it would, but humiliation as well. A little bit of pain is shown in his eyes and quivering lips. (Y/n)'s face on the other hand shows anger, stress, and desperation. All of these factors are shown on each quality of her face. Her slight frown, tearful eyes, pink cheeks, and even her body stature.

"It won't be easy," Sherlock begins, holding out his hands. "But please be there... for me." "Yes, Sherlock." She says, a full smile finding its way to her face. "I will." "Swear to me you will." Sherlock says, his voice sounding broken as he steps forward to her. (Y/n) smiles even more, repeating Sherlock's actions until they're in front of each other where she puts both of her hands on each sides of his face. "Cross my heart," She swears before taking one of his hands in hers, placing it against her chest where her heart would be. "And hope to die." Sherlock lightly smiles, wrapping his arms around her and hugging her close to him. She responds by placing her hand on the back of his head, pressing it against her shoulder as she gently sways on her feet with him.

Smiling, I sneak away and into the living room where I retrieve my coat, putting it on. I think I'll leave the couple to mend from their argument. It's not every day Sherlock admits his weakness and it's very rare if he even admits it to himself. That back there was a very unusual and unexpected sight I honestly thought I would never see. But that also reminds me of the fact that when (Y/n) came into Sherlock's life, almost everything changed (in a good way of course). Sherlock became more open with a lot of people and even began to smile a lot. Even though he changed, he was still the same Sherlock he is now, but now he's just a bit... nicer.

And thank you (Y/n) for that.

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