Valentine's Day (Sherlock)

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Sherlock's POV
"Sherlock, you have to get (Y/n) something for Valentine's Day!" Mary repeats what she's been saying for the past hour. I groan at her constant annoyance she's currently providing before telling her what I have been saying to her for the past hour as well. "Mary, I've told you," I start once again, pinching the bridge of my nose. "(Y/n) is different from most women her age. She doesn't care about that kind of stuff," Upon opening my eyes, I realize something. "Why are you still here?"

After quickly ushering her out the flat, despite her protests, I close the door and lean against it, a tired sigh emitting from my lips. "That's enough people-ing for one day," I tell myself before going back upstairs and plopping down on the sofa, ultimately bored. It isn't until my eyes land on The Daily Telegraph that I see an article that sparks my interest.

"Valentine's Day! What to buy for that special someone in your life~"

Picking up the papers, I quickly read through the small article and find that Mary might've been right. "Shit." I mutter, standing and throwing the papers to the side while walking downstairs to get my coat and scarf. Once I put both on, I quickly walk out the door and head to the nearest shop.

Upon entering, I head over to the Holiday section and look for something (Y/n) would enjoy. I spot a heart shaped box with two people on it, one a man and the other a woman, swinging on tree. I guess they're doing something together, but the woman has a teapot in one hand and a cup in the other while the man is offering a box to her. What are they even doing? This makes absolutely no sense.

Rolling my eyes, I turn the box over and look at the price; 38 pounds?! For God's sake, they must be out of their minds! Oh well, it's for (Y/n) anyways. I just hope she'll enjoy it.

After paying for the expensive box of chocolates, I head back to Baker Street and walk in 221b, smiling when I see (Y/n)'s coat on the rack. I quickly place mine next to hers before walking upstairs and seeing her on the couch, reading. I head over to where she's at, a nervous smile on my face as I stop in front of her. She takes her eyes away from her book and looks up at me, smiling. "Hello, my love." She greets. I hold the box of candies out to her, saying "Happy Valentines Day, (Y/n)."

Realization of what I just said hits me like an oncoming double-decker bus. Did I really just say 'Happy Valentine's Day'? I probably sound like John; an idiot. Oh God, (Y/n) probably thinks I'm the biggest idiot to walk the earth.

Still smiling, (Y/n) accepts the box and looks at the cover, her smile brightening. "I love it, Sherlock," She looks back up at me, grinning. "Thank you." As she stands, it feels as if a hundred pounds was lifted from my shoulder just as she hugs me, making me smile. I gently hug her back before she pulls away and looks down at the box once more. "Although, Sherlock, I would greatly love it if I had someone to enjoy these with me," She looks up at me again. "Will you be that someone?" I smile down at her, kissing her forehead. "I'd love to." I tell her, sitting down with her leaning against my chest.

Like I told Mary, (Y/n) is not like usual women her age. In all reality, (y/n) just isn't like usual women. She's more unique. She doesn't fit herself into boxes she doesn't belong in. She chooses to be herself and I think that is what compels me to fall in love with (y/n) each and every day I spend with her. Because every day I'm with her, it's always something different; I learn a new thing from her every day. And when I think of it, it's a truly amazing thing.

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