Personal Therapist (Sherlock)

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"I just cannot believe-" "Darling, stop that." I cut Sherlock off from saying anymore with gritted teeth. I continue running my hands through his curly and dark hair, listening as a sigh emits from his slightly parted lips. Stressed and frustrated, his body slightly shakes as his hands massage his temples.

"You can't let them get the best of you." I tell him, leaning my head down to his ear. "Yes, I know!" He yells, throwing his hands in the air. His loud voice scares me, causing me to jolt back with wide eyes. Noticing my frightened form, Sherlock looks at me with sympathetic eyes before apologizing. "Sorry, dear," he says, before laying back down, calm and relaxed. "I just can't help but become angry at the thought of him getting inside my head. It's frightful, dear, it's frightful." I nod, grazing my hand across his cheek. "I know, my love, but if you need anything, I'm here." I assure him. He then looks up at me, staring for a few moments. "Could you possibly..." He begins. "Could you possibly... cuddle and hold me?"

It was moments like these that were rare. Sherlock showed only to me that he had a weak and fragile side. Everyone knows the great Sherlock Holmes has a soft side, but only Watson and I have seen the strange and foreign side. It makes me feel special and unique to know that he's okay with showing me the side of him that's uncomfortable for him. Girlfriend or not, he's always showed me, but now that I am his girlfriend, it seems more natural for us.

My lips curving into a smile, I pull Sherlock up beside me and hold him to me. His arms wrap around my waist, holding me close as well while he stuffs his face into my neck. My fingers continue to run through his hair at a constantly slow rate, listening to him sigh in a peaceful way. Anger subsiding him, he looks up at me with his perfect eyes, the corners lifting along with his cheeks, showing that he's smiling. I have to go by this because the lower half of his face is still pressed against my neck.

"You know you look amazing from this angle?" Sherlock flirts, making me giggle. "Stop." I tell him, my thumbs sliding up to his temples. "Well, it is true," He concludes before laying his head on my chest. "To be honest, you look great from any angle - you just don't know it,"

A few minutes of silence pass of me massaging his temples before he says something. "I love you." He tells me, making me smile. "I love you too." I reply to him, leaning down and kissing his forehead. He looks up at me, his eyes locked onto mine as he says something he always backs up 'I love you' with. "I just wanted you to know." he mutters. I lowly chuckle, brushing a dark curl away from his forehead, but it instead falls back as expected. "Dear, I know and I always will know." I assure him, causing him to smile.

Laying his head back into my neck for a second time, he closes his eyes and presumably falls asleep. Upon seeing this, I come to the conclusion that a nap sounds good at the moment. Closing my eyes as well, I snuggle close to Sherlock and quickly become even more comfortable in his arms. I feel myself instantly begin to fall asleep, although, before I fully fall asleep, I feel Sherlock scoot up a little, his nose touching my cheek as his breath trails all the way down my neck as he mutters one last thing. "You are the only woman I love and will ever love... your love presented to me has shown me that and I thank you."

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