Violins and Christmas (Sherlock)

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As Sherlock plays his violin, I can't help but smile even more at the beautiful melody. With Christmas decorations everywhere and Christmas lights on every shelf and window, I feel like we got the Christmas decorating down. To me, it feels like a perfect Christmas. Well, tonight is only Christmas Eve, but it feels just like Christmas! Minus the presents and dinner.

"My, my, (Y/n)," Miss Hudson says, making me dart my eyes to her. "You and Sherlock look at each other with a lot of love and adoration; some would have never thought." I smile with dusted pink cheeks and soon feel Sherlock's hand rest on my back just as the music quits. "Well, I do love and adore her." Sherlock puts the pieces together. "As I also love and adore him as well." I add. I lean my head back only to be greeted by a kiss on the nose. I quickly giggle before making room beside me for Sherlock to sit. He happily obliges while slipping his arm around my shoulder, pulling me to him so I can lean against him. I happily oblige as well.

As miss Hudson begins telling another Christmas story from her youth, I notice that I can't help but listen to her for a few seconds before my mind wanders and I start thinking about Sherlock. I turn my head toward him and admire his features while also thinking about his personality. His fantastic yet rare smile shows how grounded he is. His dazzling and sparkling eyes show when he's focused or not; right now, he is. His chiseled jaw has just the right shape and structure for perfection; he clenches it when he's thinking or frustrated. His brown hair is so fluffy and curly; I could run my hands through it all day.

"Darling, is my face that interesting?" Sherlock asks in a whisper tone, bringing me out of my thinking. His eyes turn to greet mine, his lips graced with a smirk. "Just admiring the beauty, that's all." I tell him, smiling. I then realize Miss Hudson has finished her story and gone to the kitchen to get herself a cup of tea.

"Why don't I admire your beauty as well?" Sherlock suggests, making me giggle. "No, that'll be awkward." I tell him, pushing him away with a smirk on my face. "Okay, then why don't my lips admire your plump and full ones?" He suggests, pulling me closer. I laugh, trying to push him away, but his grip is too strong. "Stop!" I joke, trying to fight him off by throwing soft hits against his chest while laughing. "Let me go!" I exclaim, giggling. As expected, his lips find mine, both of us moving them in unison while my hands slide up to the sides of his pale and smooth face, his finding their way to my waist. Our eyes close in the kiss, holding each other close. With his lips on mine, I notice that he kisses me almost as if he had practiced a million times.

"Young in love," We hear, making us quickly open our eyes and look toward the source of the sound where Miss Hudson stands, leaning against the doorframe to the kitchen while smiling with her arms crossed. "It truly is a beautiful thing, isn't it? I know Sherlock's mindset about love has changed, hasn't it, dear?" I quickly look up at Sherlock with a knowing smile as lips slowly contort into a smile as well. "Yes, it has, Miss Hudson," Sherlock tells her before looking back down at me, his cheeks turning warm in color. "My entire view of love has changed completely in the best of ways."

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