"Your parents will be here shortly."

    The secretary who informed me of this didn't even try to hide the fact that she was excited to see my famous dad.

    "He's so far out of your league that the only hope you have of scoring on him would be if you had been born Olivia White." I responded, unaware of the principal walking out of his private office.

    "Excuse me?" The secretary exclaimed, her eyes wide as she gestured for the principal to further discipline me.

    "You were being a bit obvious, Ilene." Principal Mackin told her. "It isn't professional to fawn over a student's father."

    The secretary let out an angry huff before sitting down behind her desk and answering the phone that had been ringing for a solid three minutes.

    "But please don't speak to adults that way." Mackin told me as he sat down next to me to await my parents. "I know it must be difficult dealing with actions like that, but the need for maturity is the burden put on someone with your heritage."

    I shrugged, not in the mood to discuss my family. If I hadn't had a famous dad, I wouldn't be sitting in the main office facing a possible suspension for punching an absolute douchebag in the face.

    I wouldn't have had a reason to punch him.

    "Mackin, good to see you again."

    The sound of my father's voice soothed me, since it didn't sound as angry as it could have. I looked up as Principal Mackin stood to shake his hand, my mother giving me a stern look from behind his shoulder.

    "If you would follow me this way, Mr. and Mrs. Carter." Mackin opened the door to his office and ushered my parents inside before turning to me, "We'll just be a moment, Samantha. Stay here."

    I nodded, making a conscious effort to avoid looking at the sexually frustrated secretary staring at the closed office door.

    The two of us sat in silence for a moment before three people rushed into the office, demanding to know where Principal Mackin was.

    "He's meeting with another student's parents at the moment. He'll be out shortly." The secretary replied, "You may sit in the chairs by the window if you wish to wait for him."

    "We certainly do." The only man of the three nodded shortly before taking a seat across from me, the woman who looked about his age and a girl who looked no older than myself sitting down with him.

    "Is it you that's in trouble for something?" The teenage girl asked when she looked over at me.

    I knew that I had just punched a guy in the face, but some people were just rude.

    "Yes, it is." I nodded.

    "Are you the one who punched poor Tyler?" The woman spoke next.

    I nodded silently before recognizing the couple as Tyler's parents. I had only seen them from the window in the past two months when Tyler would get dropped off at his house by my brother or sister.

    "Do you have anything to say for yourself, young lady?" The man asked, his voice a tad bit louder than I deemed necessary.

    I took a deep breath, deciding on whether I wanted to react with sincerity or sarcasm.

    I decided on both.

    "Well, I must say," I began, massaging my right fist with my left hand, "I was a little surprised that it didn't hurt my fist more when I clocked your son in the nose."

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