10 | Jason: The Beginning

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"Are you honestly going to be a cat for the third year in a row."

The beginning of junior year had come with little to no drama and no change. I woke up every day without a boyfriend. I talked to my friends, I hung out with Jess, I went to school. I came home and ate an uncomfortable dinner with my still-solemn parents. And I went to bed every night without a boyfriend.

"Every white girl in the United States wears a cat costume on Halloween. I don't want to be judged for fitting in." Jess retorted, pulling a pair of felt ears over her head. "What are you even supposed to be?"

I rolled my eyes. I had told her an hour ago.

"I'm Rachel Greene. From Friends? We literally watch that show every weekend."

Jess looked me up and down.

"You look like yourself with different hair."

"I'm going to take that as a compliment."

I was perfectly well aware that I wasn't dressed in something as sexy or revealing as Jess was, but I was dressed as one of my favorite TV show characters of all time. As long as I loved the costume, I knew someone else would too.

"Are you cool to drive?"

I had gotten my license just a month earlier and was incredibly excited to be driving to my first party.

"I'm definitely cool to drive."

Jess grinned, drawing on her whiskers with eyeliner.

"Holy crap, don't tell me you're using MAC eyeliner to draw on your face with." I rolled my eyes, "It's such a waste. Use Wet & Wild or something."

"I don't even own Wet & Wild, thank you very much." Jess replied, rolling her eyes. "We're rich. I can just have my dad buy me a new pencil tomorrow. Or I can send Georgia out to get it tonight while we're at the party."

I cocked my head.

"Good point."

We ran out to my car, a brand-new red Ferrari that my dad had bought for me as a "good job getting your license" gift. I hadn't gotten a single scratch on it yet, and I didn't plan on getting one anytime soon.

Jess climbed into the passenger seat as I started the car, marveling at the engine just as I did every time I drove it. Jess typed in the address of the party on her phone, and we were off.

We arrived at the party just as it was getting into full swing, pulling into one of the reserved parking spaces and figuring we would just pay off whoever was actually supposed to park in the space. There was no way I was going to park my new car on the side of the road or in the grass.

We got out of the car and I passed my keys over to the man in a tux at the door, who was collecting them; it was a new thing of most of the parties I had been to recently to hire someone specifically to collect car keys and ensure that the driver was sober before giving them back at the end of the night.

After my scare of the year before, I was never anything but sober.

We went inside and maneuvered our way through people until we reached Farah and a few other girls from our grade, all dancing together with a small group of guys in the middle of the kitchen.

"Getting our drink on already?" Jess asked, grinning as she picked up a red cup that someone seemed to have left behind.

"Always." Farah grinned. "Ladies, do you know these guys? They go to Jameston High, just across town."

"Pleasure." The boys nodded at us one by one, their names going by far too fast for me to remember them, and far too soft for me to hear them over the blaring music.

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