14 | Tim: The End

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"You two are adorable."

    For the first time in my entire dating experience, my best friend had a boyfriend at the same time as I did. And double dates were simply much more fun than single dates.

    Junior year had come and gone, and with it I had taken Tim Street along for the ride, our whirlwind relationship turning into something more solid and real to me. Just a month ago, in early July, Jessica had found herself someone as well: Kevin Forest, a guy we had known for quite a while, who had just graduated from high school and was planning on attending the Texas Southern University in the fall, a simple 15 minute drive from our not-so-humble abode in Houston. She was absolutely head over heels for him, and it just made going out as couples even more enjoyable.

    Jess blushed at my compliment as we ate our pasta in my kitchen at 3:00 in the morning, laughing and talking as if we had been a group of friends for ages, and the guys hadn't just met each other a month ago.

    "I don't think that we can thank anyone but Jess for that fact." Kevin grinned, kissing his girlfriend on the cheek. "She just carries an aura of joy wherever she goes."

    "I don't know about that." I laughed, "You haven't seen her when she wakes up in the morning. It's a sight for sore eyes."

    Everyone laughed, Jess batting my arm in annoyance.

    "Don't give away all my secrets yet. I still like this one!" She stage-whispered, winking at Kevin.

    I leaned back against Tim, who was sitting a bit behind me. He wrapped one arm around me comfortingly as he used his other to scoop dry spaghetti into his mouth.

    "You honestly don't like anything on top of that?" Kevin asked, looking at my boyfriend's plate with a frown. "That must be so bland."

    "Eh, it's not so bad. Way better than having to deal with tomato sauce." He shook his head, the cross necklace he always wore whipping against my neck as he did so. "Now that is disgusting."

    We all rolled our eyes, laughing quietly. My parents had allowed everyone to stay over on two conditions: no boys upstairs in the bedrooms, and no loud noises from down here. Vera was also sleeping in her old childhood bedroom for the night, so there was that as well. She had shown up with little to no warning, but my parents hadn't questioned it.

    "So, I have a surprise for everyone." Tim announced as we began to put our dishes in the sink and move towards the living room. "It's a good one, I have to admit."

    "Ooh, tell us!" Jess bounced up and down, her eyes lighting up. "I love surprises!"

    "Well, I may or may not have gotten the four of us tickets to the Lincoln Carter concert tomorrow night! Front row, perfect seats, perfect view."

    "Babe, I totally could have gotten those for free." I shook my head, "All you had to do was ask!"

    Tim gave me a stern look.

    "No way. I wanted to do something special for you. And I know that you've been saying that you feel like you haven't seen your dad as much lately because of the constant concerts, so I thought that we could have a fun night, and you would be able to feel like you were with your dad."

    I gave him a kiss, pulling away after a second and smiling wider than I thought I ever had.

    "You are the absolute sweetest."

    "I only do it for the best."


    "I can't believe that I've never been to one of your dad's concerts." Jess yelled over the people dancing around us to the opener. "We've been best friends for how many years?"

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