"Don't even bother with it."

    "But Jess, he's just so...handsome."

    Jessica Ward rolled her eyes as she smacked her gum in her mouth, glancing over at the awfully attractive boy who had somehow managed to make the varsity football team as a sophomore.

    "You know that I've been trying to get you to end your dating fast since we were in middle school, Sam." My best friend shook her head, "But not with him. Tyler Vanzy is stuck-up and stupid and not someone who should be your first boyfriend."

    "What if we just went out a few times? He doesn't even have to be my "boyfriend", Jess." I replied, annoyed that she wasn't supporting my idea and that I sounded like a middle schooler. "I just think that if I'm finally ending my boy ban, then it should be for someone who looks like a real-life Adonis."

    Jessica snorted.

    "It sounded like you said boy band." She laughed, before looking at my face and controlling herself. "There are plenty of attractive people in the school who won't break your heart. Plus, he just broke up with that girl from Middle River, so I don't think that this is something that he's up for anyways."

    I sighed, deflating in my master plan to land the hottest guy in our grade as my first boyfriend.

    "I guess you're right." I nodded. "It's not like I need the extra drama in my life. I guess I can just resume my ban on guys--"

    "No." Jessica interrupted adamantly. "You will not be swearing off guys again. That was the most tragic sixteen years of your life, so..." She paused, sighing. "I guess it wouldn't be that terrible for you to just turn off your feelings and go for it with Tyler."

    "You think?" I responded, getting excited.

    "I guess." Jessica shook her head, smiling slightly. "But don't jump up and down like an excited puppy when you go talk to him."

    I mentally and physically calmed myself down, rolling my eyes at my best friend.

    "I wasn't going to. I swear."

    Jessica laughed.

    "Sure you weren't. Now go talk to hi--wait...I don't think you're going to have to make the first move."

    I crinkled my brow in confusion.

    "Why not?"

    Jessica didn't say a word, but instead tilted her head slightly in Tyler's direction. I turned to see the football player walking towards us, his eyes on me.

    "Hey there. Samantha, right?"

    I had never been one to swoon at the sight of guys in the past, hence my uncanny ability to deflect them with just a simple look. Yet when I heard my name roll of off blonde haired, blue eyed Tyler Vanzy's tongue, I could practically feel my knees buckle.

    "Samantha." I nodded. "Samantha Greene."

    "Well that's an awfully beautiful name." He grinned, showcasing pearly white teeth that could blind someone without sunglasses. "I'm Tyler. Tyler Vanzy."

    "I know wh--" I began, before Jessica elbowed me in the side with the force of a monster truck.

    Saying "I know who are you" to this guy was probably not the smoothest course of action.

    "Tyler. What a great name." I began my sentence again, getting a small nod of approval from Jess before she slowly moved away from us, much to my surprise and slight worry.

    "Thanks." He replied, grinning again. It was all I could do not to stare at him more obviously than the 40-year-old women who saw my dad. "So I guess you heard about my breakup with Brittany."

    Brittany? I thought, trying to place the name. Jessica's comment from earlier quickly popped up in my head.

    "Plus, he just broke up with that girl from Middle River, so I don't think that this is something that he's up for anyways."

    Brittany must be the girl from Middle River High School.

    "Yeah, I'm so sorry about that." I nodded, not completely sure why he was bringing up a recent relationship to me, someone he had never spoken to before.

    "Well, I'm done with her and I don't want you to think that there's anything there." He continued.

    The entire conversation was strange, and now it was getting stranger.


    "Because I really like you." Tyler continued, "I've seen you around school and I know that you don't generally date guys from around here, since you're incredibly beautiful and clearly very intelligent. I was just wondering...would you be interested in going to the movies with me this Friday?"

    I couldn't wait to rub the fact that she was wrong in Jessica's face. He wasn't hung up over the Middle River girl, and he was interested in me.

    "I would love to." I nodded, smiling slightly. "Thanks for asking me."

    "Of course." He nodded, taking out his phone. "I'll just get your number and call you with the details?"

    "That sounds great." I nodded before reciting my cell phone number to him.

    "Great." He smiled as he put his phone back in his pocket. "See you Friday."

    "See you Friday." I repeated, unable to stop smiling as he sauntered off to talk to his buddies. Jessica came sprinting over, her eyes wide.

    "Did he honestly just ask you out?"

    I nodded, controlling myself to keep from jumping up and down.

    "He did!"

    "Well, I apologize for my original comments." Jessica laughed, glancing over at him. "You scored, Carter."

    "Greene." I corrected.

    "You'll always be Samantha Carter to me." Jessica replied, walking off to first period as the bell rang.

    I was going on a date with Tyler Vanzy.

    I could hardly keep from screaming.

A/N: I hope you guys are enjoying the book! So until we get to the guy, AKA the one the story is about, each one of Sam's boyfriends will have two chapters dedicated to them: a beginning, and an end. I think. That's what I have so far. And then the main guy will have the bulk of the story!


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