"So they totally scared you, didn't they?"

"Not at all." I shook my head, giggling as I closed the passenger side door. "Your family is spectacular and I love them."

"You're lying, I know it." Andrew shook his head, but I saw the small smile creeping on his face. "But as long as you're not scared away from me, I think I'll be okay."

He started the car and we tore out of the driveway, heading for his best friend's house.

"So you're gonna meet a few guys." Andrew warned me as we walked up the front stoop, "They're all immature, all annoying, and all my best friends."

"Sounds inviting." I laughed as Andrew let himself into the house, not bothering to knock. From what I understood, the house was that of his friend George, who he had been close with since middle school.

"We're here!" He called out as I closed the front door behind us, "Anyone home?"

"Is that Andy? Oh Andy sweetheart, come give me a kiss!"

Andrew rolled his eyes at the falsetto voice that was connected to a body running down the stairs in front of us, leading to an attractive blonde guy only a bit taller than myself landing on the floor with a bang.

"Shut up, you fat idiot." Andrew muttered before the two hugged, clapping each other on the back in a way that I could only assume was to disperse any gay-ness that could come from physical contact between two males. "Sam, this is George. George, my beautiful girlfriend, Samantha Carter."

"A pleasure." George grinned, bowing slightly to me. "You have to meet the rest of the guys. We've grown up with Andrew since we were awkward and short. Thank goodness we're tall now." He laughed before leading us into the kitchen. "Guys! Andy's here!"

"They call you Andy?" I whispered to Andrew.

"Only to annoy me." He replied softly.

Four more guys came barreling down the stairs and into the kitchen, all dressed almost identically in Nike shorts and baggy T-shirts. I stood a little taller, feeling slightly overdressed in my wedges and sundress.

"Gentlemen, this is Samantha Carter. Sam, these are Freddie, Patrick, Nathan, and Adam."

"Pleasure." I nodded to the group at large. "I have an uncle named Patrick. Well, not a blood relative, just my parents' close friend from growing up..." I realized I was rambling and stopped talking, causing all of the guys to laugh.

"She's alright, Andy." The one introduced to me as Freddie grinned. "So you get those concert tickets from her dad yet?"

That question again.

"Funny joke, Fred." Andrew laughed, shaking his head. "Her parents are actually wonderful people who you idiots would be lucky to meet."

"Hey, we're not bagging on them." Adam interjected. "In fact, I wouldn't mind smooching a little cash off of them, I'll bet they're loaded."

"Not appropriate." Andrew shook his head. "Like, at all. You guys have anything planned for today?"

"Lunch and video games, per usual." George replied. "I hope you can hold your own, Sam."

"I'm sure I can." I replied, grinning through the uncomfortable feeling in my chest.

Hopefully it was just paranoia.


"Thanks for the fun time, guys. It was great." Andrew waved to the group standing in the doorway as we headed out to his car two hours later. "But we have to head home if we want to be there in time."

"Of course. Have fun, it was nice meeting you Sam!"

"You too!" I called before shutting the passenger side door and leaning my head back on the seat. I was exhausted from all the smiling I had done that day--I wasn't usually very friendly, so this was a change for me.



"Did you like them?" Andrew asked, putting the car into reverse and heading out of the driveway. "I know they're a bit much to handle at first, but I promise they're great."

I nodded.

"They're wonderful, and so is your family." I smiled over at him. I loved when the sun hit his face; it looked like he was glowing. As if he were a literal angel, instead of just the figurative one that he was in my head.

"I'm glad." Andrew grinned, "It's important to me that you like them."

I blushed. I hoped that meant that I was important to him as well.

His phone dinged as we continued to drive and he rolled his eyes.

"Probably one of the guys." He said. "Can you read the message to me?"

"Sure." I nodded, picking his phone out of the drink holder and turning it on. "It's from George."

"Lay it on me." Andrew laughed.

"'Hey man, great seeing you today. Sam's a dime.'" I blushed at that part.

"Continue, you egomaniac." Andrew nudged me.

"'But like honestly, have you gotten any concert tickets?'" I heard the hint of confusion and panic start to set into my voice and I knew Andrew heard it too as he tried to grab the phone out of my hand, his eyes getting wide.

"They're just messing around."

"Let me finish!" I ordered, my eyes racing across the screen. "Let me finish." I repeated, softer.

Andrew took a deep breath.


"'But like honestly, have you gotten any concert tickets? Because I thought that was the only reason you agreed to Kevin's blind date in the first place. I mean, she's hot, but she...'" I stammered out the last part, "'...but she's not that hot. Your words bro.'"

The car was silent.


"Shh." I shook my head. "Don't explain yourself."

And all I could do was cry.

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