"So do you think something's going to come of it?"

The day after my first date with Andrew, and I was sitting in my bedroom surrounded by people. It wasn't ideal, but it gave me an outlet to get feedback from.

Over the summer, my friendship with Rachel and Farah had opened up the opportunity to be friends with their entire group of gal pals: five other girls, all of which were pretty similar to both myself and Jess, but with a lot more experience in successful dating than either one of us.

Julia Harden was someone I had been friends with in middle school before we grew apart in high school, so it was nice to have her back in my life; a familiar face in the least.

Emily Rose was practically a spitting image of Jess, from the long blonde hair to the quick wit and sarcastic answers. The two of them were people I expected to never stop being friends at this point.

Cidney Powers was someone I could relate to more than anyone else; her father was a powerful business mogul and she had a few dating stories similar to mine, but far less dramatic.

Karli Cincere was probably my least favorite of the five new girls. She was a bit on the whiny side, and from my personal perspective, I didn't see why anyone should be whining about their problems when I dealt with the things I dealt with.

Amy Turner had joined the group last, and she was nice enough. She didn't really talk much unless she had to, but she was someone I could trust with my secrets.

Not that I had many. I felt like my life was an open book.

"I don't know." I finally answered Cidney's question. "I don't think that I should make a judgement this quickly."

"But he seems so right." Rachel sighed, holding her hands to her heart. "It's like he knows exactly what to say to make you happy in that moment."

"All the guys seemed 'right.'" Jess pointed out from her position on my bed. "And all of them turned out to be complete douchebags."

The girls all nodded together, thinking. I wasn't sure what exactly to think myself; Andrew had been incredible, but he had also been just a bit too incredible.

Yet at the same time, I didn't want to judge him based on everyone who had come before him.

The silence in the room became deafening as Jess shook her head.

"We can't over analyze everything that a guy does. Sometimes they're sweet, sometimes they're terrible. But it's all life experiences." She shrugged, "So in the long run, you're going to end up with a new story to tell."

I nodded.

"You're right. It's just another guy, and eventually, it'll either be happiness or a new tale." I laughed, "Plus it was only one date. Who knows, he might not even call back!"

"Oh, he'll call back." Jess responded, smirking slightly.

"Don't get my hopes up."

"I think she knows something." Karli grinned, looking between Jess and myself. "Look at that face!"

"Do you know something?" I asked Jess, who laughed.

"Of course I do. I know everything."

"She's also dating his cousin." Farah reminded us.

"Don't give it away." Jess rolled her eyes, "But yes. Kevin said that Andrew had a great time and that he was definitely planning on calling you back soon. He just wasn't sure when you were going to be available."

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