"Dating is difficult in any culture, at any age. It's hard to find someone who you want to spend time with and who also returns the affection and desire. It's hard to put all of your trust in someone who could break it at any given moment.

It's even harder when your father is one of the most famous singers in the country.

Samantha Greene Carter is the youngest child of teen-pop-sensation-turned-superstar Lincoln Carter. His is a household name, and hers is becoming one as well. And from the time she turns 16, Samantha goes through relationship after relationship, each one turning out to be in it for the fame. And yet each time, she lets herself fall harder and harder, until it all becomes too much.

But all it takes is one person, one man with a true heart, to win her over.

As long as he doesn't turn out like the rest."


Hey guys! So I wanted to start writing a cute little summer book that can be a fun read for you guys this summer, and I thought that it would be fun to incorporate the characters from one of my favorite books I've written (Recalling Lincoln Carter) without making a sequel to it, so that old and new readers alike can read it! And thus, Samantha Greene was born. 

In case you didn't gather already, you do NOT have to be familiar with Lincoln Carter, Olivia White, or their storyline to read this book. They just happen to be Samantha's parents, to help to plotline be what it is (with the famous dad and everything) and to have a little bit of fun for those who read Recalling Lincoln Carter.

I hope that you guys enjoy the read, and please let me know in the comments how you're liking it! The book will have M/W/F updates, so enjoy!

**Also, for anyone who did read RLC, what are your opinions on publishing it in print? I read the book for the first time since completing it the other day and to be honest I love it and am kind of considering editing and publishing. Let me know your thoughts on that!**


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