"All I'm saying is that it's been four months with this guy and you haven't had a single complaint. I think that that deserves some credit on my part."

    I rolled my eyes at Jess as we lounged around in my bedroom, eating Pringles and gossiping about the different people who were bothering us as the end of the school year approached.

    "Seeing a random guy in the hallway and deciding to set me up does not deserve that much credit." I retorted, shoving a handful of Pringles in my mouth.


    "Thank you."

    "All I'm saying is," Jess rolled over in my bed and looked up at the ceiling. "I think that without me, you wouldn't be dating Mason at all." She thought for a moment. "Have you said "I love you" yet?"

    "No." I replied quickly. I had been close to saying it the night before, but had chickened out at the last second. "I haven't even had him over to the house yet."

    "Why not?" Jess cried, "Are you crazy? Your parents have to meet him."

    "I'm just worried that when he meets my family, it'll all boil over and he'll get scared and run away. My dad's intimidating, Jess."

    "Your dad is great and will love him."

    I shrugged uncomfortably.

    "I don't think it's something I'm interested in doing right now."

    "Alright, I'm going to be the annoying and pushy best friend because it's what you need." Jess said, getting up off of the bed and grabbing my phone off of my dresser. "You're going to text Mason and ask him to come over for dinner tonight."

    "Tonight? We just had a date last night."

    Jessica rolled her eyes.

    "You're not in middle school, you can go out more than once a week. I promise you'll thank me for this." She handed my phone back to me, and I read the message she had sent.

    Hey Mason! I would be totally stoked if you would come over and have dinner with me and the fam tonight! Let me know if you're free.

    "I sound like a stoned surfer dude." I complained after reading the text. "Stoked? The fam? Since when do I talk like this?"

    "Since I started texting for you."

    A ding from my phone caused me to interrupt my annoyance with Jess and look down.

    That sounds great, I'm definitely free. And tell Jess that if she were really your best friend, she would know that you don't sound like that when you text.

    I smirked and read the message out loud to Jess.

    "He's free!" She exclaimed, ignoring the last sentence. "This is going to be great. And if it's not, then you know he's not the one and you can move on."


    Jess turned to look at me.

    "Well, if a guy doesn't get along with your family, then he's not worth it. Families are good at weeding out the bad ones."

    I shook my head, unsure of whether or not this night would be able to truly tell if Mason was a waste of my time or not.


    "This is just a waste of my time."

    The words that left my mouth were words that I didn't even realize I was capable of saying to him. And yet they were words that I knew had to be said.

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