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      Nova caught up with Harry, Hermione, and Neville easily enough. Luckily she had experience in the Department of Mysteries, given that Lucius worked at the Ministry of Magic. They were in the midst of the weird room with the brain and the desks, fighting against the Death Eaters that had found their hiding places underneath the desks. Nova gripped her wand tightly in her hand, rushing to save Hermione from a particularly nasty Stunner sent her way. "PROTEGO!" Nova shouted, watching the stream of light jet from her wand and shield the two teenagers from the muffled "Stupefy" he had tried to get out. Hermione had only seconds to shoot Nova a thankful look before she was flinging herself sideways and out of the way of a nasty hex a Death Eater tried to send her way.

      "Avada -"

      Harry launched himself at the Death Eater, grabbing him around the knees. As they both tumbled to the ground, Neville shouted, "EXPELLIARMUS!" The spell was so powerful that it knocked both Harry and the Death Eater's wands out of their hands, flinging themselves across the room. Nova, who was closest to where they had been catapulted, started running towards where Harry's wand lay, determined to get to it before her opponent did. As she ran, she heard Neville behind her. "Nova, move out of the way!" She was quick to follow his advice, flinging herself sideways as Neville shot a Stunner at the Death Eater that had been hot on her tail, arm outstretched to try and grab the back of Nova's robes. 

      The jet of light missed the Death Eater's shoulder and instead hit a cabinet in front of the two, glass flying everywhere. Nova raised her hand above her head to try and shield herself from the broken shards, but screamed when the Death Eater got his hands on his wand before Nova could. "Neville, watch out!"

      But the Death Eater didn't stand a chance, for Hermione shot a Stunner at him. He fell backwards, sliding along the floor before he sunk into a piece of the bell jar. Nova shuddered. She really didn't fancy staying in the Department of Mysteries for longer than she had to. "Accio Wand!" Hermione shouted, and Harry's wand flew into her waiting palm. She tossed it to him when she was sure her grip on it was tight enough not to drop it. 

      "Thanks," Harry said, "right, let's get out of -"

      "Look out!" Neville shouted. All four turned to look at the Death Eater, whose head was shrinking at an alarmingly fast pace. His hair and beard disappeared, revealing the smooth face of a baby, sitting atop the Death Eater's neck. Just when the transformation from man to child was complete, his hair started to grow back and his head begun to swell to its normal size once more.

      "What's happening?" Nova asked.

      "It's time!" Hermione said, her voice sounding nothing short of impressed. "Time..."

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