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      When Nova awoke the next morning, it was to Pansy Parkinson standing over her four-poster bed with a grim frown on her lips.

      "Merlin, Parkinson," Nova complained, dragging her blanket back over her head so she wouldn't have to see the Slytherin girl. "What the hell do you want?"

      Parkinson pulled the blanket back down, leaving her with a glaring Nova Nott. "I want to talk about Draco."

      "Great," Nova muttered sarcastically, "my favorite subject."

      In the course of her fourth year, after a severe lapse in judgement, Nova had agreed to go to the Yule Ball with Malfoy. Thus began their short-lived relationship, which ended at the beginning of summer due to the fact that Nova simply couldn't fall in love.

      She'd tried to force it on herself. At the Yule Ball, Malfoy had been nothing but polite. He had complimented her dress, danced with her, and had even made her laugh once or twice. But that was it. There were nothing else to be said of her relationship.

      Nova was anything but naïve. She knew she'd never experience the fireworks, or even a spark. But she'd felt nothing but friendship when she had looked into Malfoy's eyes. She was cruel, but she wasn't cruel enough to lead him on.

      "I need to know if you think there's something left between you two," Parkinson said, ignoring the offhanded comment Nova had made. "As you know, I fancy him. And I know that he still fancies you, but I'm working on it. However, it's proving hard and will be even harder if you still have feelings for him."

      Parkinson must have been the most oblivious, annoying bint on the planet. Nova was sure she wasn't going to fall back asleep, so she threw the covers off her body and walked to the dresser, grabbing her school robes and stretching. 

      "I'm not really hearing a denial," Parkinson added in her annoying, nasal voice.

      "Do you really need one?" Nova snapped, turning to look at her. At her harsh tone, Parkinson had flinched. Nova smirked. "I don't feel anything for anyone. Malfoy and I are done. Knock yourself out, Parkinson."

      With that, Nova made her way into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. She heard the footsteps of the bothersome girl leave the dorm and sighed in relief, stripping out of her pajamas and into her school robes. Her hair was much too frizzy that morning to do anything to it, so she quickly braided it and slid a Slytherin green ribbon through the end of it.

      A brief look in the mirror told her that Theo's tight grip had left bruises. Her shoulder twitched in pain when she moved it quickly. She didn't let her face show any pain, instead choosing to ignore it as she moved towards the bathroom door.

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