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      Nova knew people were looking at her with a sense of confusion and awe as she walked to Potions, for it was the first time since her start at Hogwarts that she didn't have a scowl on her face. She had made sure this morning that she didn't look like a delirious loon smiling like she had allowed herself to the night before, but it was the first time she hadn't purposely graced her features with a snarled look that suggested if anyone try and talk to her, they'd regret it.

      Theo was next to her, thankfully not noticing that Nova wasn't paying attention as he prattled on about his plans for Valentine's Day with Greengrass. Nova had stopped paying attention after he had said he was going to take her to the Three Broomsticks, but she nodded thoughtfully whenever he paused, as if expecting a response. For all she knew, she could have been agreeing to chop her hair off and run around the Great Hall in nothing but her knickers, but judging by the pleased look on Theo's face whenever she did nod her head, he was still discussing Valentine's plans.

      When the twins made it to the dungeons, Nova hated how her eyes immediately scanned the room, trying to find him. But, she loved it at the same time. She had to get used to admitting that she liked the butterflies that filled her stomach when she spotted him, and he was already staring at her, eyes wide and Potter snickering next to him while Granger looked like she rather wanted to kill the both of them. Nova sent a nod in his direction before taking her seat next in between Theo and Malfoy, the latter who was currently sans Parkinson. She hadn't been seated for more than one moment when he turned to her and launched into speech.

      "I might have accidentally broken up with Pansy last night and that's why she isn't here," he explained. Nova felt her eyes shoot open, suddenly clear of any lingering hazy thoughts about the Weasley boy sitting across the room. 

      "What? How do you accidentally break up with someone?" Theo questioned, Nova nodding her head in agreement to her brother's statement. 

      "We were sitting in the common room last night and I mentioned something about how she was always around me and that I needed space sometimes. That statement suddenly turned her into accusing me of still having feelings for you and how I'd much rather be with you and she stomped up the stairs and went to bed before I fully processed what had happened." Nova tried to gauge his reaction, but realized that he wasn't upset at all, just rather frustrated. "I don't understand what the hell I've done wrong."

      "Did you try to deny it when she mentioned that you still had feelings for me?" Nova questioned.

      Malfoy nodded, but something was off about it. When Nova raised a brow to him, he sighed. "Nova... don't be ridiculous," he said, but he said it softly, not with any sting. 

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