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      September first was both a blessing and a curse.

      The beginning of another Hogwarts school year meant that Nova could get away from the evil surrounding her home. Living everyday with Theo was like watching a clock tick, and she wasn't sure how much time she had left. At least at Hogwarts, Theo would be safe from their father and Lucius Malfoy. 

      Hogwarts also meant that Nova had to deal with Hogwarts students.

      While there were a few students Nova could stand - mostly Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy - there was a flood of students she hated. Over her years at Hogwarts, she had grown the reputation of the cold and calculated Slytherin. She and her brother were notorious for the emotionless stares and icy quips they handed out during the school year. Another Hogwarts year, another year of watching students trip all over themselves trying to prove themselves worthy.

      "They aren't pure-bloods," her father sneered her second year at Hogwarts as he dropped her off at the train. "They're imbeciles. Look at them, floating around like children. You won't ever be that unfortunate, Konstantinova. I'll make sure of it."

     She had the same mindset three years later as she stood next to her brother at King's Cross, already shadowed within the magical barrier of the Platform.

      "There's more Muggles each year," Theodore sneered, referring to the bumbling idiots that had stumbled around the station before the twins had run through the Platform wall. Nova silently agreed, her lower lip curling down in disgust as a first year rushed past her, running and laughing with friends. 

      "Malfoy's saved us a spot on the train," Nova said, gesturing to the bright red Hogwarts Express. He had written her the night before to let her know that he'd most likely be there before the twins. Theodore gave her a look.

      "Been writing Malfoy a lot this summer, have you?"

      Nova gave him a stoic look. Theodore was grinning, shrugging his shoulder as she pushed through a group of people saying goodbye to their families. He caught up to her easily.

      "I'm just saying, Father would be pleased if you dated Draco," Theodore continued as they climbed aboard the train. There were conversations and laughter coming from a thousand different compartments, making Nova's frown deepen. "It's a very respectable pairing."

      "I'm not a Potions experiment," Nova replied, whirling around to glare at her brother. "I don't want to be respectably paired with someone. Malfoy and I tried the dating thing last year. It didn't work."

      She stormed away from him, stomping up and down the Hogwarts Express until she finally found the compartment Blaise Zabini was sitting in. Nova raised a brow as Blaise gave her a nod of acknowledgement. "Malfoy's not here?"

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