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      Absentmindedly, Nova fiddled with the fake Galleon Granger had passed out at the last D.A. meeting. She twisted it back and forth between her fingers, staring at the coin in the Slytherin common room as Theo relentlessly answered Charms questions Greengrass was throwing at him. Nova knew the magic behind the Galleon (and as one of the members had pointed out, it was a N.E.W.T. level spell) but even she couldn't help but stare at it in awe. Granger had outdone herself this time.

      "What is the official name of the Amplifying Charm?" Greengrass asked as Theo ran a hand through his messy hair, his eyes looking up, as if the ceiling would provide him the answer. 

      "Sonorus," Theo said after a moment of thinking. Greengrass gave him a wide smile and nodded her head enthusiastically. "You're serious? I got that right? Oh, thank Merlin."

      "I told you you'd be fantastic, Theodore," she commented, giving him another wide smile when he pressed a kiss to her cheek. "I think we deserve a break. Want to take a walk?"

      Theo sent a wave to Nova, who lazily waved back as the two headed out of the common room. Once they were gone, Nova slid the Galleon back in her pocket. It was a lazy Saturday for her, spent in bed for the most part. Granted, that was before Parkinson had started stuttering on and on to Bulstrode about how Malfoy had officially asked her out and she "didn't understand what had changed his mind."

     Needless to say, Nova hadn't been able to fall asleep after that moment.

     "Nott," Blaise Zabini said, plopping down into a seat next to her. For once, she was grateful for the distraction. Zabini didn't annoy her nearly as much as her other housemates did. "You going to the game today?"

      She would have liked to say that she had no idea what game he was talking about, but it was all anyone could talk about for the past two weeks. Everyone in Slytherin was mentioning it; Nova couldn't get through a meal without hearing the words "Slytherin, Gryffindor, or Quidditch." It was getting on her nerves.

      "Do I have a choice?" Nova replied, rolling her eyes. She knew either Theo of Malfoy would drag her out there anyway, though her bet was on the former, since the latter was actually playing. 

      Zabini shrugged. "Suppose not."

      Nova guessed going to the match wouldn't be the worst thing. From her limited conversations with Granger, Potter, and the Weasley siblings in the D.A. meetings, it was Ron Weasley's first Quidditch game. She didn't want to admit it (and she never would, out loud) but she felt a rush of excitement when she thought of the game. Maybe Weasley would surprise her and be an amazing Quidditch player.

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