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      Though his record wasn't the best, Nova was happy to see that Ron was slightly optimistic about the upcoming game between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. April had long since faded into May and with the end of her fifth year of Hogwarts drawing near, Nova was hoping that Ron would at least help Gryffindor win one game, not necessarily for the team but for his own self-confidence. She was sitting with Theo, arm locked in the crease of his elbow as they examined the Quidditch Pitch with narrowed eyes to try and block out the sun. Though Nova was supporting Gryffindor, she was keeping up the appearance of the aloof Slytherin. Theo was naturally rooting for Ravenclaw to win.

      Lee Jordan was commentating when Nova finally made herself comfortable on the bleacher seat. Daphne was on Theo's other side, her fingers interlocked with his. When Nova looked at his face, his eyes were focused on his girlfriend's hand, but they looked glazed over, like he was thinking about something different the entire time Daphne was speaking to him. Nova knew what directions his thoughts were leading. She turned in her seat and spotted Blaise, sitting with Malfoy and Parkinson a couple of seats higher up. 

      Blaise hadn't mentioned anything about the kiss between he and Theo. And though Nova understood that it was his private life and he didn't have to share everything with her, she hated feeling that small sliver of self-consciousness that came with the knowledge that he hadn't told her about his kiss with Theo. It was like being on the side of a one-way mirror that didn't allow her any access into what was happening on the other side. She was left just staring at her reflection, on her own.

      Then again, it wasn't just Blaise that was keeping secrets.

      She didn't know what was happening in Theo's mind. He had told her a month ago that he thought he had feelings for Blaise, but she knew he'd never act on them. Their lives were too dark, too hellish to drag Blaise into. Plus, if their father were to ever find out... Nova didn't want to think about it. Her arm tightened in the crease of his elbow when she thought of it. Edgar Nott was a vile human. If he found out his son was gay, or even bisexual, that would be the end. Nova didn't know what would happen, but at the same time, she thought she did. Theo would be hurt. Maybe even killed. Their father had done it once, and what's to say he wouldn't do it again? Nova had already lost a mother to him. She couldn't lose a brother as well.

      She tried to focus on the Quidditch game, deeming the topic lighter for the bright May morning. She wouldn't allow herself to ruin the Quidditch game with those kinds of thoughts.

      "And they're off! Davies takes the Quaffle immediately, Ravenclaw Captain Davies with the Quaffle. He dodges Johnson, he dodges Bell, he dodges Spinnet as well. He's going straight for the goal! He's going to shoot and - and -" she heard Lee swear and imagined Professor McGonagall chastising him. "And he's scored." It was hard to miss the disappointment in Lee's tone, and it was especially hard not to relate to it.

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