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      The morning she was supposed to go back to the Nott manor, Nova Nott had no idea where she was going to stay for the rest of the summer.

      When Fred and George had offered her a place with them, she had been dating their younger brother. Now that she wasn't, she had no idea where that left her and the twins. Sure, they were her friends. But would they really want to let their little brother's ex-girlfriend live with them? 

      Especially when said ex-girlfriend hadn't replied to any of their letters in the past week. 

      Truth was, she didn't want to hear what they had to say. She was terrified that they had found out about the breakup and were writing her to tell her that while they were willing to let her work and live there when her and Ron were together, they just thought it was too weird and were taking back their invitation. She was terrified that she'd have the confirmation that she had nowhere to live. At least without opening them, she could imagine.

      Blaise was waiting for her at the bottom of the steps when she appeared, carrying her stuff down the stairs and dark under eye circles she had tried to cover with a spell Bulstrode used. Blaise always saw right through that kind of stuff. He gave her a small smile when her feet hit the bottom step and offered to take her trunk for her. She stoically slapped his hand when he tried to grab it. "Don't you dare try and be gentlemanly. I've had enough to last a lifetime."

      "You know you can stay with me if you need to," he said softly. "But that's not even the most pressing matter here, believe it or not. Nova, it's been a week and you haven't... reacted. It's like you're a doll; looks like Nova and sounds like Nova but there's nobody home."

      The night Nova had cried into Malfoy's shoulder, she had made a promise to herself. She wasn't going to wallow. That was for girls like Pansy Parkinson. Nova Nott was anything but the crying and whining type, and she wasn't going to change that fact no matter how brokenhearted she was. Which was why Blaise was standing in the middle of the common room asking why she was as stoic as the Slytherin Ice Princess she'd been in the beginning of the year. "There's no need for reaction, Blaise. Weasley and I broke up. End of story."

      "Yeah, but Nova, he was the first person you've ever loved. It makes sense you'd be upset."

      Upset? It seemed like an understatement for what was happening inside. Sure, she was only sixteen years old, but she knew what love felt like. It was the feeling of seeing Ron smile or when he reached for her hand or when he pulled her close. And though she knew this wasn't the worst heartbreak she'd ever experience in her life, it felt pretty damn close. But she was determined to keep that little fact a secret. "I am upset. I'm just not going to spend hours crying about it." When Blaise opened his mouth to speak, Nova interrupted. "Are we ready to go?"

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